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July 28th, 2006 at 09:21 pm

After four complete no spending days, I finally dipped into my cash today. No spending at work, but I did have dinner out. $6.45. Plus I got a few 10 packs of pens & white out at KMart $3.95. I bid on two sets of antique postcards on ebay (to be framed as christmas gifts--$7.00 for 8 postcards, will frame 3 & put rest in small organizer).

This weekend, I have to go to the pet store for cat food & litter and to the grocery store. On Monday, I get paid, so I'll be paying all my bills then. I'm planning on keeping up the packing for work. Its really cutting down on my cash usage.

My computer is dying quicker than I anticipated. I'm really trying to do research and shop around. Once my last class ends mid-August, I'm going to look into a part time job.

That'll help pay for the computer & put a little extra towards the house savings. I'm planning on getting some rough mortgage figures in August. See where I really stand. Then I'm going to make the decision to start the buying process, or to look into an apartment for one more year.

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