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small amounts add up

January 11th, 2007 at 08:59 pm

Today was a no spend day. Nice!

-I transfered 87.00 to savings today.
-I'm depositing 7.98 from a rebate to be transferred to savings.
-I'm depositing 26.00 cash from overage on cat supplies. This is part of my budget for her annual vet visit. So it will go into my ING until that appointment later in the year
-I'm transferring 5.38 from my Emigrant account, which will go to savings. Then I'm closing it. I really do not like their website or customer service.

I've already packed my food for tomorrow. I'm sticking to the diet, which helps with packing.

I get paid tonight: so tomorrow will be a spending day as I pay my mortgage, student loan #2 & car ins. Then I will have a certain amount in my checking already designated to certain catagories. This must last me until the next payday on the 30th.

$215 medical
$50.00 gas
$25.00 personal items (toiletries, ect)
$15.00 gifts
$15.00 clothes
$50.00 groceries
$35.00 spending (for whatever I want, including entertainment & eating out).

I also have money set aside for my monthy & quarterly household bills: trash, water, cable, electric, sewer.

I also have cash set aside for an oil change and $10.00 cash left from this last paycheck's groceries that will go to buy some staples at Walmart.

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