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Home Inspection, Homeowners Insurance

September 27th, 2006 at 06:27 pm

Its stressful and exhausting getting all the information requested to all the different parties. Mortgage company, realtor, first time homebuyers program, attorney, ect.

Today I had a home inspection, just a few things for the seller to fix before we settle. I was able to get quotes for homeowners insurance & I'm just waiting for the paperwork to sign.

The girl in the realtor's office recently moved & she offered to give me some moving boxes and supplies---NICE! Free!

I'm heading to Ikea this weekend to get a tv stand and a coffee table. I've already researched them and they're exactly what I'm looking for at the right price.

The major thing I have to get is a sofa. My mom offered to buy me one as a gift & I'm thinking of letting her buy it. It would be really helpful & I could get one that I can keep for a lot of years.

So far spent this week: $465.00 home inspection

1 Responses to “Home Inspection, Homeowners Insurance”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Househopeful, you're soon to have to change your name! Yes, let Mom buy the couch if she's willing and will let you suit your own tastes. New they can cost a chunk of change!!

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