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February 12th, 2017 at 01:08 am

I was sick a week and half ago - lost OT, because I took 2 days off to recover. So my OT goal for the month will likely not be met. I am fine with that. OT is a luxury, not a necessity Smile

I am selling a few baby items this month & am gearing up to put together Groups of summer baby clothes to sell in lots. Hopefully that will bring a few bucks in.

My husband and I went to Atlantic City with some friends for Superbowl. 4 couples, 3 free rooms. We splurged on valet parking ($10) and gambled a little (with planned cash) and had some food. Spent about $200, which was the max amount we had budgeted. So that was a win. We had a blast!

Today, our one friend helped my husband load up and unload a bedroom set from some friends nearby. It was sitting in their basement and we needed a guest bedroom set. A queen bed frame & headboard, a night stand and a dresser and mirror/shelf top. $30 approximately spent on a truck rental and maybe another $20 on dinner for the friend who helped us move. Great deal for us! I hope to take pictures once its fully set up.

Late Posting Meal Plan

February 7th, 2017 at 08:27 pm

Saturday: Chili & cornbread
Sunday: Out of town (Atlantic City)
Monday: Make due from the fridge
Tuesday: Pasta & meatballs
Wednesday: Honey Balsamic Pork Chops
THursday: Shake N Bake Chicken

Lunches: prepped a bunch of egg salad and prepared grab & go portions of nuts, applesauce and cornbread muffins.

Breakfasts: rice chex and milk (for me), my daughter gets breakfast & lunch at daycare and my hubs sometimes packs and sometimes doesn't, using his fun money to eat out. He handles that himself though.

February Goals

February 1st, 2017 at 09:17 pm

1) OT Hours Goal: 54 hours in the month
2) Savings: $1046 (including House Savings, 529 and Kids Savings)
3) Debt repayment $100
4) Cashflow Rental Townhouse Mortgage Payment: $1009
5) Sell 5-10 Items on FB Sales Site
6) Meal Plan all 4 weeks
7) Limit lunches out to 4 days in the month
8) Do Alt Income tasks (Bing, mypoints and mycoke rewards)
9) Continue to track all personal & household spending (I don’t bother with DH’s personal spending – no need to know how much he spent on lunches, etc when its his fun money)
10) Keep within budget for Atlantic City Trip. Budget $200 for DH & I. We have a free room, are bringing drinks & food, have coupons for meals and are planning on only playing a few penny slots and enjoying time with our friends.
11) Professional Certification Tasks:
a. Attend Chapter Event
b. Complete 2-3 webinars
c. Sign up for recertification & start paperwork (once work pays)
12) RENTAL:Unless paid up by Day 11 after court date (where the renter agreed to all amounts owed and the judge said we have the right to evict), the PM company will fill Writ with courts for 24 eviction. That would be on Monday the 6th, so wish us luck
13) Set up tax appointment - I normally do our taxes, but with the rental, the rental income loss, etc, I am going to a professional for this year only
14) Start sale process on townhouse
15) Keep up calculations for utilizing OT to keep on track to max out 401k this year

Final January Update (I promise to streamline next month)

February 1st, 2017 at 08:58 pm

60.26 hours worked

No income from non-paying Renter
$1009 mortgage paid


Sewer: $137.77

FB Baby item sales $18

Cash EF: $170 added
Joint House Savings: $974.96 added
Daughter 529 $20 added
Daughter Kids Savings Acct: $10 added
*Not including funds that go into sinking fund savings accounts

January Savings Update

February 1st, 2017 at 08:46 pm

January Savings Amount:
Cash EF: $170 added
Joint House Savings: $974.96 added
-$25 cashflow from DH
-$250 from Childcare FSA reimbursement
-$191.64 from Childcare FSA reimbursement
-$300 from DH Pay

January Goals Update

February 1st, 2017 at 08:42 pm

JANUARY Financial Goals: Update
1) Pay $463.08 towards 0% Debt: ACTUAL PAID: $866.09
2) Sell 5-10 Items via FB sales site: 7 ITEMS SOLD - Made $18 in Alt income from FB sales
3) Work 60 hours of OT: ACTUAL WORKED: 60.26 Hours
4) Meal Plan each week: COMPLETED 3 OF THE 4 WEEKS WITH A PLAN (It’s a start)
5) Calculate what is needed to meet Professional Re-Certification
a. Make step by step plan: DONE
b. Start request for employer to pay for recertification: APPROVED, PENDING PAYMENT
c. Pay to join Local Chapter (not covered by employer) $30 fee annually: DONE
d. Sign up for 1st Chapter Event (Free with membership): DONE

Jan OT Goal Met

February 1st, 2017 at 08:33 pm

My OT goal for Jan was 60 hours and I just eeked in and met it at the end of the month! Yay for me.

Jan 1 to Jan 8 - 22 hours OT
Jan 9 to Jan 15 – 15.13 hours OT
Jan 16 to Jan 22 – 11.43 hours OT
Jan 23 to Jan 27 – 8.73 hours OT
Jan 28 to Jan 31 – 2.97 hours OT