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Part 2: Retirement Accounts Update - SOOO close to 100k

April 19th, 2016 at 01:52 pm

Friday's payday contributions hit and I am now at $98,361.76! I am just so darn close!

Retirement Accounts Update - SOOO close to 100k

April 15th, 2016 at 02:20 pm

Today was payday & my 401k contributions/match aren't showing in my account yet, but I am pretty happy to say that I am pretty close to meeting 100k in my personal retirement accounts (my husbands are not included).

IRA AF: $16,417.01
IRA JP1: $44,512.37
IRA JP2: $2,006.63
VG 401k: $33,983.48

TOTAL: $96,919.49

SOOOO close I can taste it! Today's check includes $734.29 and match $275.36 will get me a little close. I can't wait to see that magic number!

Payday tomorrow - SAVINGS totals! Yay overtime!

April 14th, 2016 at 03:04 pm

Tomorrow is payday & I have already set up all the savings transfers. I have been tracking those savings - per this paycheck, MTD and YTD 2016. We (my husband & I) have made HUGE progress this year!

Category This Paycheck - MTD - YTD Savings

New Home
$1,212.10 This Paycheck
$2,034.44 MTD
$10,321.75 YTD

$13.51 This Paycheck
$13.51 MTD
$117.92 YTD

$0.00 This Paycheck
$0.00 MTD
$450.00 YTD

Home Upkeep
$0.00 This Paycheck
$50.00 MTD
$250.00 YTD

$115.00 This Paycheck
$115.00 MTD
$678.00 YTD

Auto Repairs
$0.00 This Paycheck
$13.00 MTD
$343.00 YTD

$20.00 This Paycheck
$20.00 MTD
$50.00 YTD
$13.00 This Paycheck
$13.00 MTD
$39.00 YTD

Personal Items
$5.00 This Paycheck
$25.00 MTD
$55.00 YTD

Gifts Fund
$0.00 This Paycheck
$60.00 MTD
$431.95 YTD

Nephew Svgs
$62.00 This Paycheck
$62.00 MTD
$239.02 YTD

Daughter Svgs
$10.00 This Paycheck
$10.00 MTD
$93.00 YTD

$175.00 This Paycheck
$385.00 MTD
$815.00 YTD

$1,625.61 4/15 PAYCHECK
$2,800.90 MTD
$13,883.64 YTD

Getting Back into fully tracking spending is tricky

April 12th, 2016 at 06:09 pm

Tracking spending was a lot easier when I was one person. Now, we are a family and its harder. So I am tracking all personal spending for myself and all household spending. What my husband does with his personal spending won't be included. MUCH easier this way. (To be clear, we both contribute equally to the household, its just his individual checking is used for day to day expenses that I might not see).

Yesterday, I spent $1.50 on a soda at work (I know, bad!) and $40 on baby clothes.

I have been given so many hand me downs and utilized used clothing groups to supplement each new size. However, as summer gears up, my hand me down seasons are not quite matching up to my daughter's growing/size. So I am having to purchase a few things like sleepers/summer pjs and pants to supplement all the other clothing we have.

I haven't really bought new for her except once or twice, but Carters was having a great deal and I was able to buy 2 pairs of pants, 2 footie pj sets, and 2 3-piece summer pj sets for $40.00. I will 40 rewards points (75 = $10 gift card), used Ebates ($1.00 cash back) and a 3% rewards credit card.

Ugh at the price, but I am happy with the purchases as we should be all set for summer now!

The only thing we may need is some shoes towards the end of summer, but no need to worry about that yet.

FB Sales Site - great for frugal baby items!

April 7th, 2016 at 07:21 pm

I have been blessed with plenty of gifts and hand-me-down baby items. However, we are starting to get to the piont of having to fund our own clothing purchases for the little one. She'll be 8 months old in a week. Crazy, right?

My area has a very big FB Sales site geared towards family & kids.

I have had some successes selling and buying. Some things that haven't sold... it just depends.

I have even sold some things for my sister (after we used them for our little one) and given her back the money (she needs it more). Below, I do not count sales for my sister.

Overall, we really have lucked out. For example, I sold a large lot of newborn clothes to a lady who was donating them to a coworker in need. Both of us won on that deal!

Another example - I bought the infant car seat and 2 bases from a good friend whose daughter only used it for 3 months. We knew for sure it was not in any accidents, etc. We paid $100 for 3 month old supplies

My daughter used it for 6 months and then moved into a convertable car seat. I turned around and sold it on the FB sales site this week for $50. Can't beat that!

2016 Tally:

-Sold: lot of newborn clothes $50
-Sold: 3 1/2 shirts for newborns $6
-Sold: newborn shirts $10
-Sold: extra boppy cover $5
-Sold: 6 3 month onesies $8
-Sold: 9 3-6 mo onesies $10
-Sold: minnie mouse outfit $8
-Sold: car seat & 2 bases $50
-Purchased: 5 12 month summer outfits $12
-Purchased: 5 12 month dressy outfits $12

Net Profit: $123

Savings Updates and Reading old blog posts

April 5th, 2016 at 04:56 pm

Still excited to see that its been 10 years for me with SavingAdvice. I have been reading through my first year's blog posts. SO neat to see/remember how my day to day life was then.

New Home Fund:
Amount Added MTD: $822.53
Total Added YTD: $9,132.53

EFund (savings plus cash):
Amount Added MTD: $210
Total Added YTD: $585.61

Slush Fund:
Amount Added MTD: $130
Total Added YTD: $450.49

Amount Added MTD: $93
Total Added YTD: $578.14

Home Upkeep:
Amount Added MTD: $114.74
Total Added YTD: $264.98

Amount Added MTD: $33
Total Added YTD: $343.60

Amount Added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $50.05

Amount Added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $39.23

Gifts Fund:
Amount Added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $433.20

Kid Savings (Daughter):
Amount Added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $9.33

Kid Savings (Nephew):
Amount Added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $178.01

Daughter 529:
Amount added MTD: $0
Total Added YTD: $170.00

Remembered my Blogaversary ON my Blogaversary!

April 5th, 2016 at 03:16 pm

After years of missing it, I actually remembered that today is my Blogiversary! I started April 5, 2006. Its been 10 years! How crazy is that?

I started at almost 27, renting, working full time and going to graduate school part time. I was living in an extra bedroom of a friend’s house with 2 people. I was single and having fun.

10 years later, I am about to turn 37, own a home, am currently looking to buy a new one, am married, with an 7 month old, a cat, a dog and a great job with wonderful salary, overtime opportunities and benefits.

I had a small retirement savings then and am on track to hit $100k in retirement savings in the next year (not including my husband’s retirement savings).

Its amazing to go back & read some of the old day to day posts I had then. I am enjoying ‘reading through my life’.

Thank you, my Saving Advice family for such a great environment!