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2013 Medical and potential change in jobs

January 29th, 2013 at 06:42 pm

Well - less than a month in & my medical stuff is already going crazy. I cannot wait to be 100% healthy again.

After my procedure yesterday, I starte with a nice little stomach bug. My day went from work at home to sick day. Boo.

I have been wanting to look into other work possibilities lately - inside & outside the company, but was sorta stuck last year based on so many health issues. I really want to know at what point, I would be 'stuck' again.

I have my medical, dental & vision - which I would lose when leaving the company.

I have an HSA of $300 - with $120.40 left after eyecare expenses.

I have $400 in an MRA with the potential to have $1000. So far, none has been used, but with the multiple expenses in the last few weeks - it probably will go down about $200 with co-insurance, ect.

I learned today, that if I left the company, I would not have to repay any funds spent for either and would be able to use for any 2013 bills from dates prior to my departure.

I can cash out any unused accrued & unused vacation time (20 days/none used)

I can cash out any Floating Holidays earned & unused (1 earned/none used YTD)

Sick time (6 days minus 1), personal days (3) are not paid when you leave. So my planned day off Friday was a personal day & my unplanned sick day today were used. I will not touch vacation until I absolutely need to.

I am feeling well enough that I will return to work tomorrow. None of these 'plans' or thoughts have been expressed to anyone other than the boyfriend and you buys. But I am attempting to plan the best that I can if I do leave the company altogether.

January has been way too spendy

January 27th, 2013 at 11:32 pm

I have been a little out of control with spending this month. Time to buckle the heck down!

I did some deals that I was not prepared for - but were needed. So I have the cash for it, but am hoping to make up the funds through Craiglist sales so those funds can go towards debt repayment like I wanted it to.

I am having health issues still (UGH) and to help, I am geting back into working out. I have very old sneaks for yardwork and somewhat old sneaks for working out, but I really need a newer pair. I found a groupon for Sketchers $23 for a pair that I have had previously. Even with coupons/sales.... I have not seen this type of sneaker for that price. I ended up buying 2. One for summer & one for working out. Using Shopathome, I will recieve 4% back & amazon rewards will be 2%.

I found a online coupon code for a website & bought a pair of work shoes for $3.99 out of pocket. Thats my kind of deal!

I paid the last of my 2012 medical expenses (woohoo!)

I also treated my family to breakfast out as repayment for help while I was out of comission (being sick). $46 for 4 adults & my nephew.

In other news, I have been organizing at home. I organized all the kitchen cabinets, tupperware, serving dishes, ect.

I called discover to have an inactive account reinstated (it had previously been closed by them). I plan on closing per my request.

I mended 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, & 3 cardigans.

So lots of things have been accomplished this last week. I have another medical test tomorrow (not fun) and will work from home before & after. I put a little work from home time in today to make up for the time out for the doctors.

This week is cash only - and limited spending under payday on the 31st.

Spendy Day yesterday - but utiltimately frugal!

January 20th, 2013 at 06:47 pm

Yesterday, a friend & I went shopping at a semi-local grocery store that specializes in Amish products & close to expiraton date groceries. She goes around once a month. It was my first time & was a great deal, but I don't need to go as often as that.

Still, I spent almost $50 of my grocery money and all the food will good for months! The freezer is packed!

-2 cartons of egg substitute - 99 cents each
-2 light sauce steamer Harvest veggies - 99c each
-1 package Tyson Grilled Honey BBQ chicken - 99c
-2 Smart Ones Steak & Ranch Paninis - 99c each
-2 bags of pretzel bits - 99c each
-2 large bags of Potatoes O'Brien- 99c each
-2 bags grilled Chicken Strips - 1.45c each
-2 10 oz canned chicken in water - 1.79 each
-2 Kraft boxed Ranch pasta salad - 2 for $1
-1 jar of olives 1.39
-1 box 25oz Raisin Bran
-1 red pepper dip mix (at least 10 servings) $3.20
-1 homemade taco seasoning .36 lb - will many TONS of tacos! - $2.34
-1 Celery Seeds .25 pound - $0.98
-1 Orange Peer .04 pound - $0.64
-3 Sizzling salads mixes - 3 for $1
-1 1.5 lb Bulk Steel Cut oats - $1.34
-1 box Townhouse Flatbread crips $1.49
-1 sft taco dinner $1.49
-1 chocolate chip mix 99c
-1 premade braised beef in bourbon sauce (family size) $1.99
-1 pound Pepper Jack cheese cubes - 99c
-1 Baguette chips - Italian Cheese & Herb .69c
-1 18 pack eggs $1.99

Afterwards, we hit 2 different Thrift stores. I am looking to upgrade my work wardrobe. I came home with mostly brand new clothes with tags! $49.25 between both stores and I came away with:

1 $1 game
1 Pair Dress Pants
2 button down tops
4 dresses
1 sleeveless top
2 sweaters
1 cardigan

Just to give you an example, 2 dresses & 1 pair of jeans from Old Navy with coupons would be around $53

Today will be a no spender though! LOL

2012 Freebies - final count

January 20th, 2013 at 06:03 pm

This is a pretty informal count of my 2012 Freebies. Mostly because I know I missed tracking SOME info. But with what I tracked, I still did very well!

Cash - $405
Amazon Gift Cards - $100
Walmart gc - $125
Gas gift Card - $125
Groupon Free Bucks - $30
Target $15 coupon
$40 Regal Entertainment Gift cards free $65

Free 12 packs of Coke Products - 17 coupons

pocket calendar
3 craft paper from wrapping paper rolls
wine bag
Free shopprunner membership
1 KB memory card
3 reusable grocery bags
Free outdoor Concert (3 bands)
keychain flashlight
Birthday burger & fries
Target Beauty Bag
Floral design bag
Full size OPI nail polish
mp3 $10 credits
$4 amazon instant video credit
3 full size 2013 calendars

card - 26 greeting cards

rebox rewards - 17 free movies

Thinking...about Sinking Funds - responses welcome!

January 8th, 2013 at 03:05 pm

I have been thinking about Sinking Funds quite a bit lately and also about expected unexpected expenses. I really want to fund so many different things, but I also dont want to slow down my debt snowball.

Right now, my budget accounts for Sinking Funds in the following categories:

Gas for extra trips at certain times of year
Gifts for birthdays & to supplement Christmas (finding money unconventionally for most of my Christmas 2013 purchases)
Pets vet appointments, ect
Medical out of pocket expenses outside of HSA/MRA funds
Car - *This is where I am thinking more about expected replacements of tires, brakes, tags, routine repairs, ect
Wedding Season funds to attend the wedding of 2 good friends this year
Home repairs *this is also something I am looking at as I have several projects & expected upcoming deaths to certain appliances in the next 2 years

So I am focusing on car & home. I have to expect normal wear & tear repairs. I am working to make a list & look to how long things are supposed to last & plan accordingly.

The main 4 Things I want to work on first are:
-Scheduled Maintenance for car
- tune-up for the heating/cooling units
- replacing screens in front & back doors
- replacing the stove

What are some of your sinking funds and how do you plan for planned unpredictable repairs/replacements? I would love to hear others as well!

Weekend Update

January 7th, 2013 at 05:26 pm

The Plague is finally leaving the house with the boyfriend FINALLY going back to work well today  I had a happy hour with friends Friday night. Saturday, I rented 2 (FREE) redbox movies for the sick boyfriend (and me). While he rested, I got busy getting the house in order after holidays, being super sick for a week and his sickness.
I tackled the bedroom and cleaned/organized/dusted & vacuumed. Lysoled everything down & changed the sheets.
I deep cleaned the bathroom, including hand scrubbing the floor. It looks GOOD for the first time in a month or so!
I deep cleaned the kitchen, took a pantry & freezer inventory, reorganized both and reorganized my Tupperware drawer(s). Then I hand-washed the floor there too.
Sunday, the boyfriend and I were able to take down all the Christmas stuff. I reorganized and was able to condense Christmas stuff into 3 bins instead of 4. Plus I have a better idea of the stuff that I have AND I was able to get together a small thing of ornaments to give to Goodwill.
Last night, we re-started Sunday Dinners with our friends. It was my turn for Side & the boyfriends for Main, but since he was still a little sick, I made both the main & side. He will do my main next week so I am now off 3 weeks in a row instead of 2. Woohoo.
Today, I bought some breakfast, but did pack my lunch. I plan on stopping after work for a few items and to use a free 12 pack of diet coke coupon. Feed my caffeine addiction with freebies 
I am sticking to my spending budget & was able to throw quite a bit in my debt snowball this pay period. So I am a happy camper!

Entering a promising New Year

January 4th, 2013 at 02:38 am

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been around (although I lurk when I can!)

I have been sick - both a condition and the crud that has been making its way around and am FINALLY starting to feel better.

Christmas was sucessful - cash only all the way!

Over the New Year, I broke my glasses, so even with insurance, I paid out $193 today for a new pair. Luckily, it was paid out of my HSA account (so no cash out of the budget).

Lots of things going on with my family. Both my sister & my dad took packages from their place of business. The company is in a bad place, so they are both lucky to get out with the packages. My sister's husband got a new job so they are moving (although its still local). With 3 kids, they need help with the packing, ect.

The boyfriend & I are doing well living together. Splitting living expenses 50/50 and I have noticed no significant increase in utilities, ect as he is much like me in turning lights off, ect.

I have written a very strict budget for myself, but have built in fun money. I would rather spend my entertainment budget on outtings and events and less on fast food, ect., so that is my focus this year.

This week, I did pack lunches for work (yay). I am going out tomorrow night for a happy hour and am hoping to stick to a $15 budget for the night.

This weekend, the boyfriend & I may go out to dinner and I hope to maybe see a movie with a friend next week.

Financially, I am have downloaded a (free) app to track my debt paydown and the growth of my savings/sinking funds. I find it VERY motivating!