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December 8th, 2014 at 03:09 am

Lots of things going on this weekend.

Friday - I worked 6:45am to 5:15pm. My hubby brought take out home (frugal take-out) and I wasn't feeling well, so went to bed at 8pm. Woke up at 7 the next day.

We did a car switch for an oil change on my husband's car. I did some watching of dvrd tv shows, balanced the checkbook & cleared out my personal emails.

At 12:30, we went to a local burger joint for my niece's 1st Birthday Party. Lots of friends and family. My one sister in law brought her son, who is the same age as my nephew and my mother-in-law came too. So nice to see merging of the families!

Saturday night, we watched a Netflix movie (In a World) and again I went to bed early. We did take out again - off a gift card.

Sunday, I worked 5 hours of OT (for a total of 23 hours OT this week). Then went to a locally owned pet shop, which had its once a year 30% off sale. I was able to get several bags of cat food at 30% off! So, $71.97 worth of cat food cost $50.37 out of pocket.

I also stopped at the dollar store for a few staples & spend $19.

Later on, my hubs went to the store for me (he had gone out to watch the football game with friends).

I am working to get back into packing food for work - so tonight, I prepped potato rounds and yogurt for breakfast, tuna fish for a sandwich and tomato salad for lunch, popcorn for snack;

Busy weekend. Bigger week coming up!

Alternative Income Updates

December 5th, 2014 at 03:11 am

I put my alternative income into my holiday/gift fund normally. Sometimes I put it into other categories.

I like to keep an eye at where I am at. Currently, I have a lot of cash back and ebates rewards coming my way in January!

TD Rewards $20.53
D1 Rewards $12.20
D2 Rewards $27.25
AZ Rewards $14.09
Inbox Dollars $21.96
Ebates $25.02

Mypoints 1751 points
Recyclebank Points 435
MyCokeRewards Points 858

Debt Payments November 2014

December 1st, 2014 at 10:10 pm

In November, I paid $230 to the car loan (New Balance: $1825.93) and $2567.97 to the credit cards. This amount does not include any recent charge & payoff immediately activity since I am using a card for 5% cashback right now.

I paid:

$886.97 to payoff CC-CD
$1527 to CC-CTY
Min $59 to CC-FR
Min $95 to CC-BOA

Woohoo! `

Did a little Cyber Monday shopping for me!

December 1st, 2014 at 09:48 pm

It's been a while since I have bought clothes for myself and I took this opportunity (Cyber Monday) to buy some clothes for myself.

At Kohl's, I found some bras BOGO and used a 20% off coupon code.

-$9.90 coupon code
= $39.60

I will also get 5% cashback from Discover and 10% Cashback from Ebates cashback.

I hit JC Penneys for 2 work short sleeved shirts, 2 work long sleeved shirts & a holiday sweater.

-10.00 20% off coupon code

I will get 5% Discover Cashback and 15% Ebates cashback)

Later in the day, I went back to Kohl's for some work clothes.

4 Work sweaters
-10.08 coupon code
= $40.30

I will get 5% cashback from Discover and 10% Cashback from Ebates ($4.03). I also used a $25 Kohls gift card for $20 out of pocket. The 5% cashback will be on the $15.30 that was charged on the Discover.

All balances will be paid off as soon as they hit the credit card. I am happy with my deals! No more clothing needs for quite a while.