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Spendy but for gifts

October 21st, 2011 at 08:16 pm

I get lots of emails from deals sites and came across a few good deals today. Most will be gifts for birthdays & Christmas - except the movie tickets Smile

-$12 for 2 tickets on Fandango (50% savings since night tickets are roughly $12 each)
-$10 for a bath spa gift set with free shipping & a $9.99 mail-in rebate (includes lotion, a razor, bath poof, shower caddy & shaving cream)
-$10 for a FoodSaver MealSaver Compact Vacuum-Sealing system ($69.99 value & got free shpping)
-$15 paid for a $25 Boston Market gift card (for my mom who LOVES that place)

I also spent about $15 at the grocery store & $0.10 at the library. I came home with a bunch of food, 5 dvds and 1 book.

Tonight, a friend is coming over. I am making dinner, and we are watching shows/movies off Netflix.

Tomorrow will be a little spendy. I have kickboxing (already paid for), a corn maze at a winery ($12 plus $20 for food/wine), and then that night - fun with friends at Dave & Busters for a buddy's birthday (approx $30 for food/games).

Updates, Updates, Updates

October 20th, 2011 at 02:14 am

Today was a no spender (yay). I packed food for work, went looking for a Halloween costume (no luck yet), went to kickboxing to find out that my training session was cancelled. The guy rescheduled the session and gave me 2 more classes for free. Great customer service!

I have several financial goals for this week:

-Budget out entertainment spending between now & the 31st.
-Stick to grocery budget
-Eat in as much as possible
-Finalize Medical Plan choices
-Make new monthly budget
-Put up more items on Craigslist
-Finish most of Christmas shopping
-Start figuring budget for sister's wedding & 2 other weddings I will be attending in 2012 plus another one I will be attending in 2013.

The air has been off, windows open & although its cool in evenings - no heat is needed yet (WOOHOO)

Medical Plan Changes, Freebies & Roommate Update!

October 6th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

The new roommate is working out well. She's home a lot more than my last roommates (who were from out of state). But she seems clean & quiet & likes tv and movies, so we have something in common.

So my work is changing medical plans. These are some significant changes and are very detailed. To help provide us with extra information, they held a Medical Fair today. I got some good information, and quite a few freebies, including a reusable grocery bag, 2 insulated lunch bags, a notepad, recipe book, journal, pin, pen, 2 sets of measuring spoons, and a spatula.

These freebies in no way cover the extra money I am going to be out with these changes, but hey- I got something out of it, I guess.

Tonight, I have book club with friends. Gonna get some fun in!

Oh, and did anyone watch American Horror Story? Its on the dvr to watch later. Looks interesting!