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Trying to get some To-Dos done

August 6th, 2014 at 12:17 am

Today, I was all over the place with work stuff, but managed to get a few personal items accomplished as well.

-Worked the first of 4 - 10 hour days this week
-Went to my doctor on my lunch break to change my name & request refills on maintenance meds
-Did Bing Searches
-Entered MyCOkeRewards
-Make dermatologist appointment
-Put name in for a Professional conference. NOt sure that anyone my level will go - but it never hurts!
-Do budget for Friday's payday
-Got some freebies at work - can of soda, bottle of water, and a snack bag of chips. Yay for freebies!

Frugal-ish? Atlantic City Trip

August 5th, 2014 at 01:32 am

A friend was given a free room at Harrah's Casino in AC and free tickets to a Lady Antebellum concert on the beach/boardwalk. She invited 3 of us girls and we had a Sunday night into Monday Girls trip!

I drove, we avoided tolls, so my main coasts for travel was gas. It was only an hour-ish drive, so it really won't affect my gas budget.

I took $140 cash. We packed food, water, soda & some booze for the room. So maybe $15 out of pocket? I took most from the pantry Smile

We had buy one get one free coupons for the buffet and it cost roughly $20 each....but was the only meal we had that day, really.

My personal costs were $20 for the cab ride to the concert. We took a free shuttle back. After the concert, we hit a different hotel/casino nearer to the boardwalk to avoid the crowds leaving.

We played slots a bit and I lost at the penny ones LOL We ordered free drinks while sitting around and playing. Then I started winning a bit. Again, all cash brought with me and all within budget.

All in all, $140 cash was brought and with my 'winnings' after losing a good portion of that, I came back home with $110 of the $140. Can't beat that! LOL

Today, we hung out at the pool at the hotel and had lunch at a restaurant. Then I headed home by dinner time.

STopped by the grocery store (in budget) and made pasta salad to bring for lunches this week.

I am flexing at work (summer schedule) and am working 4 10 hour days to be able to take today off. It was really a fun and to me - frugal trip. We really did well!