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Rental Townhouse Update - almost up for sale

April 11th, 2017 at 05:56 pm

Last month, we evicted the tenant and will likely not see that money back (although garnishment paperwork is in submission) It is what it is.

That being said, we are cash flowing the mortgage from my overtime and now cash flowing electric and water for the townhouse as well. We had to do some spackling/painting and pay a handyman to fix the front door frame, which was severely damaged by the tenant.

The house has been cleaned & carpets shampooed. I contacted a realtor who will be taking pictures today, so hopefully the house listing gets online ASAP.

April Goals Better Late than Never

April 7th, 2017 at 02:02 pm

1) OT Hours Goal: 30 hours
2) Savings (not including sinking funds, 529 or kid savings). $300
3) Debt Repayment (0%) $200
4) Cash flow rental townhouse mortgage payment (from OT) $1009
5) Sell a min of 5 items on FB Sales Site
6) Pack lunches of 15 In-Office days in April, I will pack 12 times
7) Continue tracking all personal & household spending
8) Professional Tasks:
a. Complete 1-2 webinars
b. Update resume
a. Place for sale
b. Keep upkeep
c. Pay electric & water

10) Keep up calculations for utilizing OT to keep on track to max out 401k this year
11) Research larger house purchases:
a. Fence
b. Blinds for family room
c. Pressure washer
d. New bed & frame for master bedroom

March Goals Update

April 4th, 2017 at 07:03 pm

1) OT Hours Goal: 60 Hours this month to cover mortgage on rental that is being prepped for sale, $300 per paycheck into savings and a 1/2 of the car repair I put on a 0% card [NOT MET – WORKED 44.92 HOURS OF OT IN MARCH]

2) Savings: $1046 (including Savings but not sinking funds, 529 and Kid Savings). [Actual Savings: $1410.03]

3) Debt repayment $400 (including the partial car repair) [Actual Debt Repayment: $551.05]

4) Cash flow Rental Townhouse Mortgage Payment: $1009 (from OT) [DONE]

5) Sell 8-10 Items on FB Sales Site. Baby items plus household items [DONE – sold over 52 items]

6) Pack Lunches a minimum of 3 times a week (only work in office 4 times per week, work 1 day remote) [FAIL]

7) Do Alt Income tasks (Bing, mypoints and mycoke rewards) [DONE]

8) Continue to track all personal & household spending (I don’t bother with DH’s personal spending – no need to know how much he spent on lunches, etc when it’s his fun money) [DONE]

9) Professional Tasks:
a. Mail Professional Membership recertification paperwork [DONE]
b. Complete 1-2 webinars [DONE]
c. Update resume [FAIL]

10) RENTAL Unit:
a. Complete repairs [DONE]
b. Meet with realtor about putting up for sale [DONE]

11) Meet Tax Professional – Appointment set for 3/7/17 [DONE]

12) Keep up calculations for utilizing OT to keep on track to max out 401k this year [DONE]

13) Research/plan for bigger house purchases: [FAIL]
a. Fence
b. Blinds for 1 room
c. Pressure washer
d. New bed and bed frame for master bedroom