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March Goals Update

April 4th, 2017 at 07:03 pm

1) OT Hours Goal: 60 Hours this month to cover mortgage on rental that is being prepped for sale, $300 per paycheck into savings and a 1/2 of the car repair I put on a 0% card [NOT MET – WORKED 44.92 HOURS OF OT IN MARCH]

2) Savings: $1046 (including Savings but not sinking funds, 529 and Kid Savings). [Actual Savings: $1410.03]

3) Debt repayment $400 (including the partial car repair) [Actual Debt Repayment: $551.05]

4) Cash flow Rental Townhouse Mortgage Payment: $1009 (from OT) [DONE]

5) Sell 8-10 Items on FB Sales Site. Baby items plus household items [DONE – sold over 52 items]

6) Pack Lunches a minimum of 3 times a week (only work in office 4 times per week, work 1 day remote) [FAIL]

7) Do Alt Income tasks (Bing, mypoints and mycoke rewards) [DONE]

8) Continue to track all personal & household spending (I don’t bother with DH’s personal spending – no need to know how much he spent on lunches, etc when it’s his fun money) [DONE]

9) Professional Tasks:
a. Mail Professional Membership recertification paperwork [DONE]
b. Complete 1-2 webinars [DONE]
c. Update resume [FAIL]

10) RENTAL Unit:
a. Complete repairs [DONE]
b. Meet with realtor about putting up for sale [DONE]

11) Meet Tax Professional – Appointment set for 3/7/17 [DONE]

12) Keep up calculations for utilizing OT to keep on track to max out 401k this year [DONE]

13) Research/plan for bigger house purchases: [FAIL]
a. Fence
b. Blinds for 1 room
c. Pressure washer
d. New bed and bed frame for master bedroom

1 Responses to “March Goals Update”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I'm pretty sure I have only achieved half of the things I planned for the month also, you are still doing quite a lot!

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