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Savings/Sinking Funds Update & a CC payoff!

February 8th, 2015 at 09:35 pm

I sent $193 to a credit card, paying it off! Only 2 more to go Smile

Savings/Sinking Funds Balances:

New Home Fund: $5829.92
Holidays/Gifts: $297.56
EF: $366.31
Sewer/HOA/AAA: $281.77
Home Upkeep Sinking Fund: $151.12
Jewelry Insurance Sinking Fund: $14.80
Vet Sinking Fund: $60.53
Medical Sinking Fund: $140.99
Vacation Sinking Fund: $20

Financial Doings

February 6th, 2015 at 03:31 pm

Lots of things to update! First, my personal retirement accounts have totaled above $75k. $75,844.51 to be exact! My husband’s 401k is approximately $32,000. I am waiting on access to his 401k to really take a look.

Today was payday. I paid household bills – Car payment $230, Car insurance $97.10, electric/gas $133.45. Some bills aren’t due yet, but the funds are designated to pay them when ready: Water $35, trash $20, Cable

I paid off one of my last 3 credit cards ($193.07) and put an additional snowball of $121.83 to the 2nd to last credit card on the list!

My sinking funds will automatically deduct in the next few days:

-$20 Vet fund
-$10 Jewelry Insurance
-$20 Vacation Fund
-$30 Sewer/HOA
-$20 Medical
-$25 EFund
-$20 Clothing

I have also designated funds for gas $40, groceries $200, personal items $20, beauty $25, Netflix $8 and entertainment $259.11; Entertainment is high because I have rolled over extra from last month.

An update on my Sinking Funds/ Savings with Capital One 360:

New Home Fund: $5829.92
Holidays/Christmas $297.56
EF (being replenished) $366.31
Sewer/HOA/AAA: $281.77
Home Repairs $151.12
Jewelry Insurance: $14.80
Vet: $60
Medical $140.99
Auto expenses $0.04

I have free money pending that will go into my Gifts sinking fund.

- Ebates check $36.23
- TD CC Rewards: $88.05
- $5 Credit card credit from a promotion (asked for a credit balance refund on it)

Fun Note: My Car payment will be paid off in August! I am not including it in my snowball because its being paid off so soon and its 0%.


February 4th, 2015 at 01:31 am

So I have alluded to being sick. Part of it was the nasty 2 week-ish bug going around everyone I know. Part is first trimester super morning sickness. I am almost 3 months along now and FINALLY starting to feel better!

So many things will be changing for us. We have plenty of medical expenses to plan for. I want to beef up the Efund. We need to do some repairs to the spare bedroom/windows prior to turning it into a nursery and we have to revamp the budget. Should be a fun ride!

We are incredibly excited. I am happy that we are probably getting some hand-me-downs from my sister. My niece just turned 1 and will be almost 2 when our baby gets here.

We told the folks by printing out tickets that look like Ticketmaster tickets with the baby info and giving them to our family members telling them we won a bunch of tickets to an event. It was super cute and free. I found a template online & my hubs printed them at work. My mom loves that she can keep the ticket as a keepsake!

I am reading blogs/articles for suggestions as what to do to prepare for the baby. So far, some suggestions have been the following. Please feel free to add yours!

-Meal plan for freezer meals to make a month before the dude date
-stock up on deals for household items/groceries to help skip last minute store runs for things like toilet paper
-stock up on deals on baby wipes & diapers

A month into 2015 and little accomplished for good reason

February 2nd, 2015 at 10:24 pm

I have been sick for most of the new year. Sleeping a lot, unable to do anything but bed rest kind of sick. Its been a challenging few weeks.

My husband, the sweetheart, had to take over grocery shopping and all chores as well as waiting on me. As a result, things are very disorganized and not very clean. I leave messes when I am living on the couch. Clutter everywhere!

This weekend, I finally started perking up and I am hoping to (slowly) get back on track. I was able to do some laundry over the weekend and that was first on my To Do List today.

-Work full day
-clear personal emails
-update budget/checkbook
-update savings logs
-track medical expenses - wait for bills to come in
-update Christmas/Birthdays list & budget
-Fold and put away all laundry
-Fill reusable water bottles from brita to keep for grab & go from Fridge (helps when feeling ill)
-dinner at home
-run dishwasher
-clean off kitchen counters
-go to bed early