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2010 Goals - Financial & Otherwise

January 1st, 2010 at 03:50 am

Happy New Year to All!

2010 Goals - I will review monthly around the 1st day of the following month. I WILL have more follow through in 2010 Smile


1. Track spending 100% (have notebook for purse and a spreadsheet)
2. Keep part time job (extra $300-400 a month depending on hours)
3. Loosely look for roommate - no strangers
4. No additional debt (easy!!)
5. Pay off credit card (3.2k)
6. Cash only Christmas
7. Minimum 8 No Spenders monthly
8. Pack work lunches 90% of the month


1. Host at least 6 larger get-togethers (Game night, LOST finale, Birthday, Halloween??)
2. Volunteer - at least 2 events
3. Keep house picked up daily
4. Hiking minimum 8 times this year - 4+ mile trails
5. Try indoor rock climbing
6. Update resume & put feelers out for better full time job


1. Take meds daily (I have a habit of forgetting them & take meds for a chronic problem)
2. Gym minimum 3 times a week. (Not too hard, I actually LIKE the gym!)
3. Weight watchers 100% - NO more quitting


1. Last touches on bedroom decorating($20?)
2. Redo downstairs bathroom ($100?)
3. Remove mold in basement (already have items needed)
4. New ceiling fan in living room ($75?)
5. Living room ceiling fixed (FREE)
6. Paint living room or kitchen ($150?)
7. Organize basement - create shelving ($80)
8. Sell extra furniture (Earn $300-400?)

Updates - Part-time job & ect.

December 28th, 2009 at 07:57 pm

Hey all! I've been sick & working alot, so I haven't been around much in the last few weeks. Here's a few quick updates:

Week 1 of the part time job brought in $115.88, 100% of which went to the credit card

Week 2 of the part time job brought in $173.47, 100% of which went to the credit card

I have 26.75 hours that will be in this Friday (Jan 1st) paycheck. And then the estimated 20 hours I will work this week in the Jan 8th paycheck. Since my position is seasonal & they havent asked me to stay on yet, I feel that after this next week, my 2nd job income might be done. Which means I will definately need to start looking again. Although it may take a while.

Christmas was fun, but I was sick. So I was NO help to my parents and slept most of the time I was there. I'm going to make it up to them by doing some deep cleaning in their house in January.

The upside, was that I did complete a 100% cash only Christmas. Yay!!

I'm working on my 2010 goals - financial, personal & health and will have an update soon. Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Ugh, $91.21 in medical expenses

December 22nd, 2009 at 01:12 am

So, I've spent about $91.21 in the last 2 weeks for medical expenses. Obviously, I've been sick. I'm on my 2nd round of antibiotics, this time its for twice a day for 10 days.

I'm still working the part time job and with being sick. I've literally worked & slept. Which means that I have not followed a meal plan and have been eating out. But not too excessively.

Thank Goodness I finished my Christmas shopping early! And that I'm not hosting anything. I have been tracking spending 100% and managed to send 100% of my first part time job paycheck to my credit card. I'm gonna pay that thing off soon!

I'll try to catch up with everyone. If I dont get back here this week, please have a good holiday!

Buying Clothes for a Seasonal Part Time Job (yeah right!)

December 11th, 2009 at 12:10 am

So, (I'm sure you all remember), I'm working a part time job. Its seasonal, so I probably only have about 5 weeks more of work. (Unless they keep me on... Oh please, oh please!) There is an all black dress code. I can wear another color underneath, but the main pieces have to be black.

I have 2 black shirts (that actually fit) & only 1 pair of suitable black pants.

I also have a limited wardrobe for my business casual full time job. And I definately can wear black pants, shirts & sweaters there.

Last week, I used $20 in gift cards (earned with cc points) and a $10 gift card to Old Navy & bought a black long sleeve shirt & sweater ($0 out of pocket).

This week, I had another $10 coupon. I got 2 more black shirts. But couldn't find any pants. ($0 out of pocket)

Next week, I'll have another coupon $10.00, but I'm gonna splurge on NON black clothes Smile

Still, I need another pair of black pants. I could use them at my full time job as well. My seasonal job sells black pants. And I have a 30% off coupon plus 20% employee discount. So this week, I'm going in search of black pants Smile Hopefully for $12.00 or less.

Other than that though, I DO NOT need any more new clothes, regardless of the discount!!

Tonight is my first time off from the ptj this week. I am doing laundry, picking up a little and then heading to a friend's house for a movie Smile

I'm also off tomorrow, and unless I find out my good friend can go get a Christmas tree with me, I'm staying in. Catching up on tv, cleaning the house, making a meal plan. All that fun stuff Smile I need a little couch time! hehe

Well, its Tuesday

December 8th, 2009 at 03:23 pm

Tonight I have the actual orientation for the ptj (last night was training). This is where we'll go over HR info & pay & ect. We have direct deposit, which is nice. Now I'm just waiting to find out the rest of my schedule. Since this is temp work, I'm willing to pick up every shift they'll let me!

So today, I work from 7:30 to 4, will have dinner at home & then work from 6-9. Shorter shift than last night & tomorrow due to just being orientation.

Now Tuesday is my normal pub night & I'm getting flack from friends to still come out. I'd say no, but ironically, the way I get home from the mall to my house, DIRECTLY passes this little out of the way bar. How funny is that? I might stop by for a minute, but I'm not sure. I think I'd rather that today be a no spend day. I have only had one this month & am definately not making my 15 no spenders this month Frown

Today's 5 Things:
1. PTJ shift
2. Make dinner at home, pack lunch for tomorrow
3. Get laundry from dryer & put away
4. Put out a few Christmas things (in from basement)
5. Get to bed early!

Manic Monday

December 8th, 2009 at 03:23 am

Today was the first day of working the part-time job.

I worked 7:30 to 4 at the full time job. Made a library run on my lunch break.

Then home for dinner, to change clothes & pre-pack food for tomorrow.

Then to the new part time job for training. 4 hours and the place is only 5 minutes away from home. Yay Smile

Today's 5 Things:

1. Library Run - DONE
2. Dinner at home, prepack for tomorrow - DONE
3. Quick clean bathroom (wipe counter, ect) - DONE
4. Clear out emails - DONE (and I found a reply to my roommate ad!)
5. Send sympathy email to friend for the loss of a pet. - DONE
6. Go to bed early! - WORKING ON IT! LOL

Happy Sunday - busy week ahead!

December 6th, 2009 at 05:26 pm

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was a good day. I hung around the house & just got a few things done. Last night, I got all dressed up for a Christmas party for my friends work. They had Casino night with fake money, a buffet dinner and open bar. A good time was had by all. I spent $3.00 for tips for the bartenders at the bar.

Today, I sold a 13 inch tv (that was given to me free several years ago) for $20.00 off Craigslist. Then I went to the Farmer's market for my weekly veggie/fruit fun. $10.51 spent.

This afternoon, I'm heading to the Playhouse to see Legally Blond with my mom & sister. Tickets were a gift from my mom and we'll probably do an early dinner out afterwards, so I'm looking at $10.00 spent or so.

I had $20.00 left in my entertainment spending budget. Minus $3 for the tips last night, I'll have plenty for dinner out.

This upcoming week is very busy. I start the new part-time job. I"m prepping by planning out clothes (new dress code for part time job) & food.

Monday, I'll work my f/t job 7-4pm, then the 2nd job 6-10

Tuesday, F/T 7:30-4pm, P/T 6-9

Wednesday, F/T 7:30-5pm, P/T 6-10

Wish me luck!

I have cereal measured out for 5 days. I made 2 pasta salads for lunches Mon & Tues. I took 2 sloppy joes & 2 meatloaves out of the freezer. I already measured out snacks of animal crackers and carrots. I made 2 new pitchers of fruit punch & pink lemonade and have reusable water bottles set up.

So I'll have food for breakfast, lunch at the the F/T job, come home for dinner (quick), pack food for the next day & have snacks at the P/T job. Definately doable.

Personal Quirk & $8 from Craigslist

December 5th, 2009 at 01:02 am

I am weird. I know it and tonight I reminded myself. Backstory: The night before Thanksgiving I had my nephew spend the night. Thanksgiving morning, I was running around and trying to get him ready. Someone (and I DONT think it was him) used the downstairs bathroom, washed their hands and then failed to shut off the water properly. So it ran at a small pace all day. Yes, ALL day. Thanks to me. Can't even blame the 8 year old!

So in penance and because I had just gotten my quarterly water bill & wanted to try to beat it this quarter, I have been handwashing 100% of my dished. Its amazing how much water I save. I really was getting lazy & using the dishwasher an awful lot. It was so not necessary.

So yeah, I am kinda punishing myself with dishes to make up for leaving the water run Smile

Second point of the post - I sold a duvet cover & 2 pillowcases that have pretty much remained unused since bought. I think I paid $20.00 for it a few years ago. Got $8.00 cash for it tonight

Tomorrow, I am selling a desk to someone from Craigslist. Its been used by me since my early teens, but has been sitting unused in the spare bedroom. So I figured I'd earn a few bucks & have someone else haul it out. I underpriced it, but I'm ok with that Smile $10.00

And now for tonights 5+ Things (which I previously listed). I've gotten pretty much nothing accomplished!

1. Send pics of birthday party to friend (ON HOLD)
2. Laundry (ON HOLD)
3. PIckup house. Already clean, just a little cluttered again due to a busy week (DONE)
4. Set aside 2 items for pickup from Craigslist (DONE)
5. Adjust budget. Need to rebalance checkbook, I'm off somewhere (ON HOLD)
6. Change sheets (ON HOLD)
7. Do nails (ON HOLD)
8. Pull out dresses for Christmas party tomorrow (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
9. Meal plan for upcoming week (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
10. Wardrobe Plan for the upcoming week (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
11. Catch up on Sons of Anarchy, Monk, Fringe and Supernatural (DONE)
12. Put out Christmas decorations (WILL PARTIALLY GET DONE TONIGHT)

Spending Spending

December 4th, 2009 at 12:31 pm

Yesterday I did a lot of spending.

$3.00 Dollar tree for grocery items
$5.67 Acme - groceries
$14.64 Walmart - groceries
$48.99 BIIIG bag of cat food
$98.00 Wilm Trust Home Equity
$8.65 Old Navy (after $30.00 in gift cards).
$16.00 Dinner & drinks at book club

*A note about the Old Navy. My NEW but TEMPORARY part-time job requires an all black outfit. I have a few black shirts, mostly summer and one pair of appropriate black pants. So I went to Old Navy in search of an extra pair of pants. Was unable to find any that were worth it money-wise (i.e. under $39.00) and that fit right. I did find a black sweater, a black long sleeve tee and a pair of christmas pajama pants. For me, it was worth it. Both tops can be entered into my full time job's wardrobe and the christmas pants were just a bonus for me!

I have another $10.00 to Old Navy to spend after the 6th. I'll try again for pants.

Today, I hope that I am able to have a no spender. We'll have to see! lol.

Today's 5 (+) Things:

1. Send pics of birthday party to friend
2. Laundry
3. PIckup house. Already clean, just a little cluttered again due to a busy week Smile
4. Set aside 2 items for pickup from Craigslist
5. Adjust budget. Need to rebalance checkbook, I'm off somewhere
6. Change sheets
7. Do nails
8. Pull out dresses for Christmas party tomorrow
9. Meal plan for upcoming week
10. Wardrobe Plan for the upcoming week
11. Catch up on Sons of Anarchy, Monk, Fringe and Supernatural
12. Put out Christmas decorations

Part Time Job, a little spending

December 1st, 2009 at 11:46 pm

Well, knocked a couple of things off on my financial To Do list.

- I listed a few things on Craiglist last night. I have interest in 3-4 items & hope to get rid of them by Saturday.
- I put an ad on Craiglist offering my room for rent. Have 2 potentials and hopefully I can meet them in the next week
- I had an interview for a part-time seasonal job at a chain store at the mall. AND I got the job! Smile Its gonna be crazy busy, but I could use the extra money. I think I got the last nights/weekends position that they had! Lucky me Smile

I'm trying to control unnecessary spending, but I HATE curbing my social activities. So I'm just trying to be smart about them.

Tonight, I have my homeowners association meeting. (We're ordering pizza, so I'll chip in $5). Then I'm meeting friends for a quick drink ($3? just one drink, really!!). I already made lunches for tomorrow & Thursday because tomorrow night I'll be busy.

My friend's birthday is tomorrow. We'll be going out with friends for her birthday. Dinner & drinks out (approx $15), so there will be spending. So then she'd going to crash at my house (I'm the DD), since she works here, but lives 40 minutes away.

Thursday night is book club. I'll have one beer (approx $6). Friday night, I'm definately staying in.

Saturday night I promised a friend I'd be his plus 1 for his work's holiday party. I know a bunch of his coworkers, so it should be fun. And I get free food/drink. Probably will tip a bit at the complimentary bar ($5?), but that should be it.

Sunday night, my mom, sister & I are going to a play. My mom gifted us the tickets. She'll probably want to do dinner out before or after, but I'm probably going to pass. I'm spending the morning cleaning her house for her (as a gift) and I really want the evening to prepare for the next week.

Speaking of that next week. I have orientation and training for the part time job Monday through Wednesday!

I'm going to have to plan well so that I have food for breakfast lunch & dinner & don't spend extra money eating out!

And on a good note, my heat hasn't been kicking in much at all!

December Financial Goals

December 1st, 2009 at 07:44 pm

1. Finish Cash Only Christmas - using cash only.
2. Track spending 100%
3. Pack breakfast, lunch & snacks 20/22 workdays in the month
4. Put additional 6 items on Craigslist
5. Put up add for roommate
6. Obtain temporary part-time job
7. Finish off remaining amount in HSA
8. Actually meet grocery & entertainment budgets (for once! haha)
9. Attempt to bring down electric usage. (did that last month as well).
10. Work to keep down gas (heat) usage. It helps that its still in the 50s during the day around here!.