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Money Coming in

February 27th, 2014 at 01:35 am

I am waiting for my state tax refund, the exact amount up in the air due to them recalculating something (happens to most of us in this state at one point or another).

AND... I was given a bonus at work! It'll come in my 3/21 paycheck. $5000. Not sure exactly what that will translate to after taxes...but I am going to put it all to debt!

2014 Christmas Fund Update!

February 25th, 2014 at 12:43 pm


$10.96 Ebates
$65.00 Superbowl bet winnings
$10.00 Monthly Automatic Deposit
$0.07 Interest Deposit
$39.48 Amazon Rewards
$25.00 Citi TY Rewards
$32.47 Inbox Dollars
$10.00 Monthly Automatic Deposit
$0.05 Interest
$4.00 Christmas present price adjustment
$2.00 Christmas present price adjustment
$10.00 Monthly Automatic Deposit
$55.71 Amazon Rewards

Tax Refund Alotments

February 8th, 2014 at 09:09 pm

Tax Refund - This is a much higher refund than expected due to a few unforeseeable things. Action has been taken for 2014 taxes to not have such a big refund Smile

OF $2570 Federal Tax refund,

$1000 goes back into my EFUND
$40 to Gas Sinking Fund (for summer trips)
$50 to Nephew Savings
$200 to Medical Sinking Fund
$120 to Vet Sinking Fund
$1075 go Wedding Fund
$85 to Fun money (.03% of the refund)

Debt Repayment & Wedding Fund Totals!

February 8th, 2014 at 02:03 am

December Debt repayment $4235.45
January Debt Repayment $2631.58
February to Date Debt repayment $2320.08


Money into Wedding Fund since December: $2057

Crazy Busy! Lost my First entry!

February 5th, 2014 at 01:20 am

I have been insanely busy and its starting to wear on me a bit. I have been working 15 hours per week, plus studying for my CAMS exam, plus wedding planning, plus family stuff, plus trying to keep the house up, plus dealing with medical stuff, plus... plus...

Sunday, we went to a Superbowl party were I played a sort of Bingo game. We all put $5 into the pot & I ended up winning! $65 and it all is going to my Christmas fund

In the last two days, I have gotten a lot accomplished, but there just seems to always be more! Since yesterday, I have:

-Shoveled and salted the driveway
-Completed my taxes
-Printed/copied tax documents
-Called Wedding cake bakery to set up appointment for tasting
-Called car insurance about auto pays just suddenly stopping
-Paid auto insurance
-Deposited Superbowl cash
-Transferred Superbowl amount to Christmas ING account
-Made doctors appointment
-Deposited checks into joint checking account
-Paid wedding expenses (rings) from joint account
-Paid medical bills
-Fax tax documents to the State
-Made appointment with Officiate for the wedding
-Declined birthday invite for Friday
-Called friend K who has been down lately
-Reached out to friend N about hanging out
-Emailed friend L to set up a dinner date
-did 4 loads of laundry
-hung 2 of the 4 loads to dry
-folded & put away laundry
-Cleaned kitchen
-picked up living room
-sorted financial paperwork
-finalized addresses for the wedding invitations
-helped provide names for shower
-finalized wedding registry
-researched neat & frugal ideas for the wedding guest list
-studied for CAMs
-updated Debt Snowball document
-did paycheck budget for 2/7
-cleared personal email
-worked 1.5 hours overtime yesterday & 3 hours today

I am exhausted, especially mentally. I am making a drink & watching Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural. Nerd girl night!