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3/16 Payday and Savings

March 16th, 2018 at 01:36 pm

Working in the right direction.

In the last week or so since I posted last, I have attended another professional networking event and informal job fair. I have talked to recruiting companies, beefed up the resume more, etc.

Our industry has gotten weird where right now, most of them do contract to hire jobs. They take on a group of temps for a project, then keep the best of them to go full time. So you’re faced with no benefits for up to 6 months during a contract.

I am in the lucky position of being under my husband’s insurance, but others in my office are single parents, etc. It’s a devastating idea they face.

As for me – I am working OT, but trying to still take care of myself. This paycheck (3/16), I received 37 hours of OT, plus my bonus and this is what I budget as my extra paycheck of the month since March has 3 pay dates for me.

Because of this – taxes were high, but my net was nice as well. I was able to pay some normal bills and put away a lot of savings.

· We put $230.32 to the vacation fund – meeting our family goal of $800.
· We put $1064.68 towards the $2k goal of ‘new to us car fund’
· We put $2600 (the bonus after taxes) to the EFund
· We put $600 (extra paycheck money) to the EFund
· I paid the new windshield bill of $188.33 and $30 Local Professional Group Membership
· We also paid the $581 vet bill for the dog (annual visit plus sedation for a procedure)

New Savings Balances:
Total Emergency Fund: $30,126.79 (Cap One 360 Efund: $6415.79 +MTB Efund $19,703.xx+4008 Cash in Safe)
Vacation Fund $800
Slush Fund (Vet, EZ Pass, Sewer, etc) $116.21
Home Repairs $213.12
Medical $136.57
Auto $39.33
Membership $143.88
Clothing $105.68
2018 Gifts Fund $1067.87 (most of it comes from alternative income – surveys, rewards, etc)
Nephew Car Fund $981.91
Daughter Savings $471.67
Savings attached to checking $500.79

Stress, Sickness and Job Search, Oh my!

February 18th, 2018 at 11:20 pm

I have been putting so much pressure on myself. The job is ending in May, I currently have unlimited overtime and I personally pressure myself that every hour unworked is $31 (after tax and 401k) 'lost'.

I have been working between 10-20 hours of OT a week, but it just isn't always possible or healthy for me to do.

Two weeks ago, I worked 24 hours of OT. This last week, I was planning 20, but life kept popping up. I started stressing myself out and my anxiety and health made it known.

Monday - I worked 4 hours of OT (because I was able to work remote that day). I also had a panic attack - my first real one versus just high anxiety in about 6 years. Not pleasant.

Tuesday - I worked 2 hours extra. I was fighting a cold and was also prepping for a last minute interview on Wednesday

Wednesday - My very flexible boss let me start work at 6am and end early so that I could go to physical therapy (for a reoccurring issue) and for a 2+ hour interview and still have an evening with my husband for Valentines day. He made steaks at home and it was so nice!

The interview was strange (its been a while) and stressful and I definitely feel that neither of us (the job nor me) were good fits with each other. Still - good practice!

Thursday - I had a horrendous day at work (high maintenance people). My husband was trying to help me and wanted to use a gift card for dinner out. I wasn't feeling my best, but thought getting out was a nice idea, so we had dinner out and when I came home, I couldn't force myself to do any overtime. At this point, I definitely had a cold or something.

Friday - My work announced a 3 hour paid early out for the holiday weekend. Payment of OT changes with this type of perk, so I was already sick and just said "for my health, I am abandoning any goals of OT for this week". My husband was happy to hear that. I was still sick, was able to get out of work at 12 and since I was to pick up my daughter from daycare in the afternoon, I chose to go to the movies.

Took 2.5 hours for myself and watched Black Panther. It was such a good movie!

Brought my daughter home after, my husband made dinner & I went to bed early.

Saturday - I spent the day on the couch or in bed sick. I still was feeling like it was more of a cold/bug than anything else, but I wasn't feeling any better.

Today, I woke up and it was like a truck hit me. I went to the urgent care up the street. An antibiotic and steroid later, my severe sinus and ear infections are being taken care of. $7.50 for copays for the meds. I will get a bill in the mail for the visit later.

Tonight, my husband is going with friends to see the same movie I saw on Friday. My daughter and I are having girls night. That means my behind is planted on the couch watching old episodes of Monk and my 2 year old is playing with some of her Little People toys. I broke out some resale ones I had bought at a deal and was saving for such an occasion. Hours of independent play for her!

Tomorrow is a bank holiday. Technically, we are off work. However, I will likely do a little OT - the only OT I will do this week though. I need to get healthy.

Still on for the job search - Work has given us access to a company that helps with the process and I was able to have my resume reviewed. I also am doing some webinars regarding personal branding, etc and am getting that resume out there!

Jan OT Goal Met

February 1st, 2017 at 08:33 pm

My OT goal for Jan was 60 hours and I just eeked in and met it at the end of the month! Yay for me.

Jan 1 to Jan 8 - 22 hours OT
Jan 9 to Jan 15 – 15.13 hours OT
Jan 16 to Jan 22 – 11.43 hours OT
Jan 23 to Jan 27 – 8.73 hours OT
Jan 28 to Jan 31 – 2.97 hours OT


Payday tomorrow - SAVINGS totals! Yay overtime!

April 14th, 2016 at 03:04 pm

Tomorrow is payday & I have already set up all the savings transfers. I have been tracking those savings - per this paycheck, MTD and YTD 2016. We (my husband & I) have made HUGE progress this year!

Category This Paycheck - MTD - YTD Savings

New Home
$1,212.10 This Paycheck
$2,034.44 MTD
$10,321.75 YTD

$13.51 This Paycheck
$13.51 MTD
$117.92 YTD

$0.00 This Paycheck
$0.00 MTD
$450.00 YTD

Home Upkeep
$0.00 This Paycheck
$50.00 MTD
$250.00 YTD

$115.00 This Paycheck
$115.00 MTD
$678.00 YTD

Auto Repairs
$0.00 This Paycheck
$13.00 MTD
$343.00 YTD

$20.00 This Paycheck
$20.00 MTD
$50.00 YTD
$13.00 This Paycheck
$13.00 MTD
$39.00 YTD

Personal Items
$5.00 This Paycheck
$25.00 MTD
$55.00 YTD

Gifts Fund
$0.00 This Paycheck
$60.00 MTD
$431.95 YTD

Nephew Svgs
$62.00 This Paycheck
$62.00 MTD
$239.02 YTD

Daughter Svgs
$10.00 This Paycheck
$10.00 MTD
$93.00 YTD

$175.00 This Paycheck
$385.00 MTD
$815.00 YTD

$1,625.61 4/15 PAYCHECK
$2,800.90 MTD
$13,883.64 YTD

Expensive and dramatic week

February 18th, 2016 at 03:26 pm

Lots of expenses.

Monday, we had a plumbing issue and called a plumber($561.81)

Tuesday, my car wouldn't start & my husband had to buy & install a new battery ($95.99)

While that was happening, because it was his late night, I chose to work from home and keep the baby with me as I might not have a car to pick her up from daycare.

He did get it installed & working (yay). However, by that way, we were smelling gas in the house. So made a call and 3 fire trucks, a fire marshall, and 2 power company guys later, it was determined that the idiot next door left an uncapped gasoline can on their deck and it was knocked over and got on the grass between our houses. Our basement windows let the fumes in & caused them to go all over the house through the vents.

My parents had to pick up the baby so that I could let the house air out. It's taken care of now.

Lastly, that night, the hot water heater wasn't working because although it was electric & not gas, they had turned it off & didn't turn it bac on.

I was noticing my older cat (almost 15 years old) was having more issues walking. She has lost a dramaatic amount of weight in the last few weeks.

So I made an appointment at the vet for yesterday (Wednesday) where we determined she was incredibly ill and because it was more humane, we put her down. I was with her through the end and cried like a baby. But it was the right thing to do. We are having her creamated. ($374.85 vet bill).

So LOTS of sad, frustrating, riduculous things happened this week. Some costly to the wallet and some costly to my emotions.

But we have made it through and I will be utilizing OT to cover those costs!

January Savings Totals

January 29th, 2016 at 08:25 pm

Even though its not the end of the month, exactly, all my budget has been allocated for this month.

Any cash I have left from my carrying around/entertainment budget will get thrown into my change jar.

Funds for these savings come from salary, overtime, FB sales, etc. The amounts were how much was added, not what the total in the savings account is.

New Home Fund +$1,351.64
Baby Fund (for future expenses) +$50.00
EFund +$29.38
Home Upkeep Fund +$50.00
Medical +15.00
Automobile +$180.00
Vacation Fund +$10.00
Membership Fee +$13.00
Clothing Sinking Fund +$5.00
2016 Gifts Fund +$75.00
Baby's Savings (will be starting 529 or something soon) +$50.00
Nephew Savings (for school/car) +$14.37
Cash Savings: $146

TOTAL $1,989.39 YAY Overtime!

1/22 Paydate - meeting goals!

January 23rd, 2016 at 08:07 pm

I was paid yesterday and able to send quite a bit to saivngs/goals:

CC entertainment payoff $155
Gift savings $60
Clothes savings $5
EF savings $15
Car Savings $200
New Home Fund $935
House Slush Fund $130

Mini Goals through 4/30 Status:
Goal #1: Pay off extra entertainment splurge on credit card $155 – COMPLETED
Goal #2: Car Savings: $343 added by 4/30 $200/$343
Goal #3: Medical Savings: $493 added by 4/30 $0/$493
Goal #4: Nephew Savings $486 added by 4/30 $0/$486
Goal #5: EFund Savings: $936 added by 4/30 $0/$936
Goal #6 New Home Fund: $10,334 added by 4/30 $935/$10,334

Overtime Plan - through April 30th 2016

January 20th, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Currently, my office has unlimited OT and with the baby being soooo good. I am able to put quite a bit of time in in the evenings and on the weekends. I am lucky to be able to work overtime from home, which makes this possible.

My husband & I want to move/sell the house around April/May, so I am pushing to meet a lot of different goals using overtime plus my already budgeted amount per month.

These mini goals (all dependent on OT) are as follows. These are all stretch goals, but meeting as many of them as possible is a fun goal!

1.Pay off extra entertainment splurge on credit card $155

2.Car Savings - $80 (4 months of $20/mo automatic savings) plus $263 in OT [To meet goal of $500 by April 30th]

3.Medical Savings - $60 (4 months of $15/mo automatic savings) plus $433 in OT [To meet goal of $500 by April 30th]

4.Nephew Savings - $0 auto savings plus $486 in OT [To meet goal of $1000 by April 30th]

5.Emergency Fund - $60 (4 months of $15/mo automatic savings) plus $876 in OT [To meet goal of $1000 by April 30th]

6.New Home Fund – Auto Savings Total of $2345 plus $600 from extra paycheck plus $7389 in OT [To meet goal of $20,000 by April 30th}. ***We have additional home savings outside of this***

With Friday's Paycheck (overtime plus any automatic savings), I will:

1. Put $155 to the entertainment spending - MEETING THAT GOAL

2. Put $200 to the auto savings fund ($180 OT plus $20 auto savings)

3. Put $935 to New Home Fund ($600 OT plus $335 budgeted auto savings).

Great start!!

Paycheck went up for Friday - OT means extra to 401k as well as income

January 20th, 2016 at 12:31 pm

I have 31 hours of Overtime in this paycheck. I am happy to say that it increases my 401k contribution by $222.21 and increases the company match by $95.24. This is an extra $317 towards the 401k!

Alternative Income

October 18th, 2015 at 09:07 pm

I met my gifts/Christmas budget goal for 2015 and have started on 2016.

For the 2015 budget, the funds were made up of automatic savings of $60 per month, small amounts of cashflow and some from alternative income.

2015's alterative income has included:

$10 from Gyft
$350.69 Credit card rewards
$36.23 Ebates
$76 Chang jar
$20 Bing Rewards
$10 MyCokeRewards
$28.35 Settlement check
$49 insurance reimbursement
$40 inbox dollars
$25 Mypoints

TOTAL $645.27

Can't beat that!

Any further extra money is going to my 2016 Gifts/Christmas fund.

So far, I have:

1365 My Points (Goal 3500-3700)
332 Bing Rewards (Goal 475 for next $5 AGC)
2420 Recyclebank points (no goal exactly)
$10.20 Inbox Dollars (GOAL $30)
1572 Mycokerewards (Goal 1400 for $20 gc)
$6.61 Shopathome
$6.31 Ebates

My Oct, Nov & Dec's auto budget ($60/mo) is going directly into the 2016 fund for a nice jump start. I already had set aside some overtime funds as well. More family to buy for with all the new kiddos (my new little one, my sister-in-law's new baby, etc)


July 13th, 2015 at 02:40 pm

I will say it again, I am so lucky to have overtime available to me, even in my new promotion. I am also incredibly lucky to be able to set the OT hours as I want and to be able to work from home while doing it!

That being said, last week, I went a bit overboard doing OT - I worked 64.5 hours between Monday through Sunday.

The whole overtime amount of that will go right into my 2016 gifts fund, which will be mostly covered at that point.

The next OT goals that I have are 3 hours of OT for the maternity purchases I made and 30 hours of OT towards upcoming home repairs/upgrades (mostly -painting).

After that, I will likely be done with OT as its getting close to baby time!