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Lots of things going on!

November 15th, 2007 at 08:11 am

I havent posted in a few days because things have been crazy. I worked a total of 17.5 hours of overtime last week and Ill have completed 9.25 hours this week.

After today, I will no longer be overtime eligible. I start my new position at work tomorrow (the beginning of the new pay period). Im a bit nervous about starting in the new department, but hopefully it wont be too bad Smile

I would have worked more OT this week, but Im fighting being sick. I actually went to bed at 9:45 last night. Im taking vitamins and Sudafed, so hopefully I wont get too sick.

I packed all my meals for work or made them at home up until today. Im planning lunch out with some of my coworkers since Im leaving the department. And then tonight a bunch of us are heading out to the local bar. I chose it since it has cheap drinks, which Im limiting to 2 for tonight.

We got paid today, and I received $529.00 in overtime. I am going to put some aside for expected yearly expenses such as my HOA fee (75.00/year), sewer bill (estimated 170.00/year), $20.00 towards Thanksgiving and the rest towards Christmas and a few home projects that I've been putting off. I have funds in my savings for these expenses, but I decided Id rather keep that money in my savings for the upcoming year.

I am going to purchase closet shelves/poles for the 2 closets in my spare bedroom. I have a friend of a friend who is looking for a new place to rent. Ive met the guy several times and like him a lot. Its a bit of a hike from my house to his work, so I dont know how beneficial that would be for him, but were going to meet on Sunday to talk it over and so he can see the house. Which means that I need to clean up on Saturday!

On the Christmas front, Ive finished shopping for everyone, but my two best friends. Theyre the hardest to shop for, but Im sure Ill think of something. Ive utilized several gift certificates and online specials and have gotten several gifts for free. To date, Ive bought presents valued at $215.27, but only spent $152.34.

I just have the 2 people left on my list. Plus a hostess gift for a Holiday party and some small gifts (Im thinking baked goods) for my 2 good work friends. Im staying WAY within budget and any extra funds will just go back into savings towards Christmas 2008.

Im still trying to stay in Super Frugal mode. I plan on putting the Overtime in my last 2 paychecks (an estimate of $500.00 total) towards my student loan, just to be able to end on a good note for the year. As of January, Ill be looking for alternate sources of income. Part-time job, roommate, ect. I plan on sitting down and making financial goals for 2008 soon, cant wait to share those!

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