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Unfrequent Updates - Sorry guys!

March 19th, 2012 at 02:54 am

Work, health, family & all have been crazy lately. Things are up in the air in a lot of levels.

But here is a no-so-quick update.

I am up to between Swagbucks & Amazon trade-ins my Amazon account balance was $168.60. I also have $168.03 (this is from freebie sites/rebates/reinbursements). $336.90 total! And non came from my budget. Just alternate sources of income Smile

I have paid for my bridesmaid dress out of cashflow (for my sister's wedding). I have $248.07 saved for this wedding - this is going to be for alterations, hair, makeup, mani/pedi, and the bridal shower. I am hoping to cashflow the rest Smile

I have another wedding in May - I have a dress (that I used for a wedding 2 weeks ago - $39.99 from TJMax). We are staying at a B&B ($179). I already cashflowed the $70 deposit & am working to cashflow the rest (or earn it through extra incentives from banks and credit cards, ect).

I have a birthday coming up in April and am hoping to meet my Christmas goals so I can start saving Amazon $ for a new MP3 player. LOL.

I also am working on a very strict paydown plan of debt. I need goals that are more specific.

Additionally, I have been having some work issues & I am working on my resume to start looking for a new job. Fun, Fun.

In other news, we did a beach weekend with friends. We had a place to stay, but with food, cabs, drinks. I probably spent all of my entertainment budget from the 15th's paycheck. So I am going to have to finagle my budget around. Will be having some fun with that tomorrow night.

I have an $80 grocery budget this pay period. I spent $20 today, but am set on quite a few things, so I should be able to make it ok.

I also signed up for a card - Spend $500 in 3 months, get $100 bonus. So thats something Smile

I am utilizing the libarary quite a bit for movies, cds, and hopefully getting back on track.

I have been keeping up with blogs & plan to post much more regularly!