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Free 2012 Christmas updates & Results of the broke wrist

January 23rd, 2012 at 03:51 am

Typing is hard with the wrist in the cast Smile But I try! Financially, I am losing 3 days pay from the wrist, had to use 1 vacation day and 1 sick day and have already shelled out $168.59 between xrays, a 2nd cast & some meds. Luckily, I have a Medical Reimurbsement account with $400 supplied by the company...because my deductable is $1500.

As for my 2012 Christmas Challenge is going well so far!

- I started with $40 between a Mastercard promo & Serve

- I recieved and deposited a $10 check from

-I have redeemed $25 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. I have 302 points currently & am hoping to get 1350 by end of month so I can redeem a few more $5 AGC's at the beginnging of February. Smile

- I have 11,100 in MyPoints to be cashed out later this year

- I have acccumulated $59.09 in Cashcrat money - to be cashed out in February

- My Inbox Dollars are at $11.27 (need 30 to cash out)

-Bing - Cashed in $5 Amazon gift card - currently have 246 accumulated again.

- Recyclebank - 430 points

- MyCokeRewards - 159 points

- I just joined Superpoints (by invitation only & am my way to earning a $10 gift card. 1/2 the fun is you get to just spin a wheel for a chance to earn points. Let me know if anyone is interested in an invite Smile

In other news - today was a no spender. I will have some grocery shopping tomorrow, a happy hour Tuesday, date night Wed or Thurs & then a party Friday and a Free concert Saturday. Its going to be a busy week!!

LOTS of freebies & a Bridesmaid Purchase

January 15th, 2012 at 09:38 pm

free pasta bar samples
cake pieces

I went to a wedding show today with my sister, mom & my sister's bridesmaid's. We ate lots of food and I took home a bunch of stuff:

1 cookie
2 pieces of cake to go
1 large cupcake to go
1 twizzler
5 mints
6 lifesavers
10 hershey kisses
1 reeses cup (full size)
6 pieces mini candy bars
2 pens
1 glasses cleaner cloth
1 photo keychain of my sister, mom & me
1 box mints
2 large bottles of water
2 reusable grocery bags
tons of coupons
3 hair care samples

Afterwards, my mom, sister and I went to finalize the bridesmaid's dress order. $152.00. So today would have been a no-spender if it weren't for the dress Smile

Doing well with Freebies & the Free Christmas Challenge

January 14th, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Lots of updates. I ran a bunch of errands today - so bunches of spending. Vet (27.99), gas (36.91), Acme,(41.52) Farmer's market(9.14) and Walmart groceries(23.86) and Walmart cat litter (5.36).

I saved $2 at the vet by pointing out a price discrepancy.

I broke out my new crockpot and made BBQ Shredded chicken for dinner tomorrow. Then headed out to my HOA meeting.

I cancelled my plans to hang out at home. I plan on doing some online points earning, laundry and cleaning. All meals were had at home Smile

I have gotten several freebies in 2012:
-2012 pocket calendar
-craft paper from 2 gift wrap rolls
-3 Kindle books (recent ones)
-$10 credit Groupon for shopping locally
-Publix wine bag
-Personalized Valentines Day card
-2 snack bags of chips
-Shoprunner 2 year membership ($79 value)
-1KB memory card

I also have really hadd a good start on my Free Christmas 2012 Challenge: $70 total

-$20 checks
-$20 Mastercard promo
-$15 Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks
-$5 amazon giftcard from Bing Rewards
-$5 check from Synovate
-$5 Toys r us rewards

I also have pending:
-$58.15 from Cashcrate
-8,973 points with MyPoints (another 2,000 pending)
-$11.27 Inbox Dollars (need $30 to cash out)

New Year Frugal Updates

January 3rd, 2012 at 05:23 pm

Still out of work for the wrist until Thursday. I go to the doctor's tomorrow and will probably work from home for a week.

My work switched insurances on January 1st, so I had to call yesterday to confirm there would be no problems with my 2012 appointments with the ortho guy.

In the new year, I have a few goal - specifics are drawn up, but here is the overview.

2012 - Goals

1. Pay for Christmas from cc rewards an rewards sites
2. Limit lunches bought to 4 times a month
3. Pay down debt (more specifics to come)
4. Downsize cluttter in home (more specifics to come)
5. Upgrade Health *several areas included
6. Track 100% income and spending
7. Track freebies (like that someone else on this site tracks them)

2012 Freebies to date:
free kindle book - Secret Holocaust Diaries
free kindle book - Dead-ish
free 2012 calander from mom
$5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks
$5 Amazon gift card from Bing Rewards
2 wrapping paper inner rolls made of heavy craft paper (for crafts later)

CC rewards to Christmas: $140
$20 mastercard bonus
$20 (depositing today)
$100 from Citi Thank You (in WM gift cards which will be used for groceries & the grocery cash will go into the Christmas ING acct)

Typing is hard right now, so posts will probably be short from now on Smile

Good Start to the New Year!

January 1st, 2012 at 07:43 pm

I had to cancel my NYE Beach Trip due to the broken wrist. I was able to get a refund for the tickets and some friends offered to cook dinner and celebrate New Year's with us. I supplied $20 for wine and some of the food.

Today, we all went out to breakfast ($12) and was driven home. My mom picked me up at her place to get some of my gifts and to pick up the car.

I made some pasta salad and am now resting with my arm up. Tv time wth some light cleaning later! LOL

I have $40 of the expected $60 towards Christmas 2012 to deposit, along with the rent check.

I have been working on my rewards sites:

MyPoints - 8708 points with another 2500 pending. This will be close to $100 in gift cards.

Swagbucks - 467 points ($5 Amazon gc is 450 points)

Bing Points - 504 - (525 gets a $5 Groupon)

Inbox dollars - $8.98 (need $30 cash out)

Cashrate - $15.97 ($20 needed to cash out) with about $40 pending

Recyclebank - 350 points

MyCoke rewards - 62 points

I am reworking my 2012 budget and more specifically, my Jan 15th budget, which will include 3 unpaid days due to the wrist. Oh joy.