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Another Productive Day!

February 13th, 2013 at 02:10 am

Had another heavy day of work and while I really should be getting some work done tonight, I am too mentally drained. I will be looking to catch up tomorrow.

Today, I was able to knock off a lot of my to-do list:

- Ran Swagbucks app on my phone to earn 50 points
- Did Swagbucks searches
- Read mypoints & inbox dollars emails
- Confirmed B&B appointment
- Cleaned the kitchen
- Prepped food for work tomorrow
- Folded & put away laundry
- Listed 10 items on Craigslist/local Facebook yardsale network
- Filed away paperwork that has been sitting around
- Cleared off bed
- Made dinner at home
- Snuggled with the cats
- Watched Pretty Little Liars and Lying Game (guilty pleasure!)

I am working on finding any and all extra money to pay off my lowest balance credit card ASAP. My goal is June. With my current payments to it, the balance will be approximately $1650. So prepare for me to get creative!

Productive Day!

February 12th, 2013 at 03:26 am

Went into work early today (6:35 am). During the day & after, I accomplished quite a bit.

-Printed out my taxes
-Paid $56.44 medical with my MRA account
-Took CVS survey from prescription pick up yesterday
-Noted incorrect information on my prescription & called to have them fix it. However, they were unhelpful so I sent off a nice little letter to corporate as its a semi-serious issue
-Checked account for rewards points reinstatment (still pending)
-Made appointment for bloodwork
-Made appointment for massage (gift certificate)
-Followed up with friend regarding 31 party
-Returned redbox & picked up fixings for dinner. Used a coupon for a free 12 pack of soda & used another code for a free redbox movie
-Organized coupon envelope
-continued completly redoing resume
-redo monthly budget to increase gas catagory
-restocked vitamins and morning mediations for work (have to take some with breakfast, some with lunch)
-hit the gym for the first time in a year
-did 3 loads of laundry
-made dinner at home (well - the boyfriend did!)

Tomorrow's Need to do's:

Confirm B&B reservation (freebie)
Finish resume
Bring work breakfast & lunch
hit the gym again!

Partially Lazy Sunday

February 11th, 2013 at 02:45 am

The boyfriend & I used a Groupon for brunch today ($10 out of pocket.

Afterwards, I hit up CVS (new to the area) for a prescription transfer. It was $4.39 with my HSA card. I earned a $25 gift card due to their matching a prescription transfer coupon from Walgreens.

I then turned around and used $4.99 for a specific musical Valentine's day card. The rest will be used for toiletries when needed. The $20 I had in my toiletries envelope is going to my ING Savings.

I spent $13.90 on fruits/veggies at the Farmer's market and $3 at the store.

Arriving home, I made lunch, pasta salad for the next 2 days lunches, prepped work breakfasts & am set to not spend at work the next few days. Woot!

My tax refund already deposited & I am transferring to my ING savings. I wanted to put it directly to debt, but since contemplating a job chance, I am holding off and stockpiling money. Once the transiton goes through, I will put all the funds directly at the debt.

Tonight, I watced free Redbox movie, watched some DVR and did some cleaning. Nice & relaxing. Watching the Walking Dead premier now!