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Could Be Worse - Gotta have surgery

February 10th, 2010 at 03:07 pm

Turns out I have a pretty big nodule on the thyroid and this Monday, I went to a specialist. Im going to have surgery and half my thyroid removed. IF while they remove that half, the pathology comes back cancer, they will remove the whole thryoid. But the chance of cancer is about 10%. So hopefully that wont happen.

I've never had big surgery, so I'm kinda freaked. I am concentrating on getting things together before the surgery in 2 weeks. I'll be in the hospital for a day or two, then at my parents for a couple more days. I'll definately be out of work for at least a week. Luckily my work has a very good leave program and I won't be losing any pay.

We all know I like to make lists! So here it is! Smile

1. Finish filing taxes (DONE)
2. Pay bills for the next couple of weeks
3. Make master list of all accounts/online information
4. Have cash stash to give mom & dad (for any supplies while I'm staying with them)
5. Secure roommate to feed cats while I'm gone (DONE)
6. Contact HOA members to let them know I'll be unavailable for a week or two
7. Contact insurance to make sure there is nothing that needs to be done prior to the surgery. Also confirm estimates on deductible. (DONE)
8.Reschedule dentist appointment
9. Find someone to take my concert ticket (date is too close after surgery)
10. Notify the party time job (may put job at risk)
11. Complete leave paperwork for full time job. I have to use 5 sick days before it kicks in. Then I have up to 7 weeks paid leave at 100% pay. I am pretty sure I wont even get anywhere near that much.
12. The weekend before surgery: clean house, do laundry the day before, clean litterbox, clean out any perishibles from fridge


In other news, today is a snow day! I'm getting some of my to-do list done. And I'm going to have a movie day with the roomie. We have leftover beer from the party and in honor of the snow, I made jello shots! And of course, in between movies & eating, there will be shovelling. Can't forget about the shovelling.

Raise/benefits, roommate & part time job Stuff

February 6th, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Well, I've never really put it out there, but here goes. I got a raise & my new annual salary is $41,000.00.

Per my work information, the company's estimated yearly cost of benefits are as follows:

Retirement $1325.83
401k Match $2328
Health & Income Protection: $3817.20
Social Security & Medicare: $3037.05

TOTAL: $10,508.08

So, my total annual compensation is roughly $51.5k.

I also get tax breaks for using my HSA which arent counted in this.

So I guess I'm not doing too bad. But one of my financial goals for this year is to look for a new position in or outside of my company that will challange me more (as well as pay more! lol).


So I re-started at the part time job last night. We were sent home an hour early, so only worked 3.25 hours. Today I would have worked 8.5, but no work due the snow. So now, my 12 hour week turned into 3.25 Smile

This week (starting tomorrow), I'm scheduled 16 hours. Then 12 hours the following week.

I like the 12-16 hours. Definately do not want to be working the 20+ that I was during the holiday season.


As for the roommate. He'll have been here 1 month this week. Paid when agreed, is neat and courteous. He stays up in his room most of the time, but he's starting to come out of his shell. This is definately working out!

When he pays me on the 9th (the agreed upon date based on the day he moved in), I will be taking the $487 and putting:

$91.30 to pay off the vet bill.
$45.00 to home repairs
$82.00 to increased utilities fund (includes the comcast upgrade he asked for)
$39.17 to pay myself back for a grocery splurge
$229.53 to the credit card.

Snow pics - totally OT :)

February 6th, 2010 at 03:00 pm

LOTs of snow. There's a state of emergency & all the roads are pretty much unpassable. BUT the retail chain I work for (part time) is going to open the store despite the mall being closed. Guess who is not going in? I'm going to miss my 8 hours of pay. But I'm not gonna risk my safety OR a ticket for driving during a state of emergency.

I havent even begun to dig myself out. Its still snowing & very windy. No matter what, I'm getting out there this afternoon. Here are some pics at what I'm looking at!


February 3rd, 2010 at 10:20 pm

So I did a tentative run of my taxes. I always do them by hand AND online to ensure I'm not missing anything. And the first version I did says I'll get back $1331 federal and 397 state!

I had some extreme things happen that caused my itemized deductions to greatly change my taxes. I can guarentee this will not happen again next year!

Still - 2/3 ($1152) of any refund I get will go to my credit card and 1/3 ($576) will go to my vacation fund. Yay.

Been a while

February 2nd, 2010 at 02:13 am

January was not my best month Smile But I'm working on February!

I had a party Saturday - spent about $22 on food and jello shots. It was BYOB. We played board games, friends brought additional food and we all had a GREAT time.

I started the month off with a No-Spender! Tomorrow, I'm taking a sick day & have a doctors appointment ($20 copay) and who knows what'll come after that.

I do plan on picking up some groceries ($15)

I have a dinner party to go to tomorrow night. I'm taking free wine from home and a veggie tray. I already have the veggies (bought Sat) and I just have to pick up some dip (< $5.00)

Wednesday I'm hanging at a friend's house - FREE

Thursday, I have a semi-date. I'm not sure what we're doing yet. But I'm sure there will be some money spent.

I start the part-time job back Friday, working 6-10:30, then 1-10 Sat & 12-4 Sunday. I'm going to avg between 12 & 16 hours per week - NICE

My Feb goals are to actually follow through with my 2010 goals. The only financial ones for Jan that I actually followed were track 100% & keep part time job.

So for Feb:
1. Continue to track spending
2. Pack lunch 90% of month
3. At least 8 no spenders
4. Gym 3 times a week
5. Take meds daily
6. Follow Weight watchers (REALLY!)