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Soooo close to meeting my Mostly Free Christmas 2012 Goal!

June 23rd, 2012 at 07:28 pm

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to have a mostly free Christmas this year. I have used Swagbucks, MyPoints, Cashcrate & InboxDollars, survey sites, and a few credit card rewards to meet this goal.

I cashflowed approx $66 as I found things I liked for future gifts.

I earned $147.07 in Amazon Gift cards (plus $79.99 that I used for a reel lawn mower).

I earned $437.67 in cash - through rewards, gift cards, ect that I turned into cash.

This totals $651.13.

My goal is 760.38 which includes budget for:
-gifts for family/friends
-my boyfriends end of November bday
-my 2 nephew's bdays (in December)
-my neices bday in the fall
-fudge for coworkers/neighbors
-homemade coasters
-mom's bday in Late october
-Christmas cards
-Uncles card/postage to england
-small decor additions
-work friends Happy HOur
-big New Year's Eve outting - funds for weekend

Once I reach the goal (and I will based on Mypoints cards about ready to cash in) - I will work to build a gift budget for the rest of birthdays in the year and eventually 2013's budget. My swagbucks earnings have taken a bit of a dive lately, so I will have to work to maintain this level. I find this fun Smile

Nearly Free Christmas 2012 update

February 8th, 2012 at 02:35 pm

I hate to post & run - my life has been hectic lately, but I wanted to update on my Christmas Challenge.

I have done crazy good so far I have a lot accomplished already! $252.72 cash/AGC to spend for Christmas.

Cash in ING acct ($45)
-$20 Mastercard Bonus
-$5 Check from Synovate

Pending Cash to go to ING ($61.91)
-$61.91 Cashcrate payout

Amazon Credits ($95.81)
-$5 AGC from Bing
-$25 AGC from January Swagbucks
-$3.8 Dvd Trade-in
-$62.01 DVD/Video game trade-in

Amazon Pending Credits ($25)
-$25 AGC from Feb Pending

Cash-flowed Amounts for purchases (7.49 oop & $10 in coupons)
-$2.49 oop Plus $5 Toys R us Coupon for 1 gift (cost $7.49)
-$5 TPPR credit plus $5 out of pocket for $20 Overstock Giftcard

Misc ($20)
$20 Overstock gift card

*I also have:
12,000 My Points to spend
$13.01 in my Inbox Dollars (Need to hit $30)
$3 in my cashcrate (need to bring back up to $20)
196 current swagbucks
325 Bing Points

Free 2012 Christmas updates & Results of the broke wrist

January 23rd, 2012 at 03:51 am

Typing is hard with the wrist in the cast Smile But I try! Financially, I am losing 3 days pay from the wrist, had to use 1 vacation day and 1 sick day and have already shelled out $168.59 between xrays, a 2nd cast & some meds. Luckily, I have a Medical Reimurbsement account with $400 supplied by the company...because my deductable is $1500.

As for my 2012 Christmas Challenge is going well so far!

- I started with $40 between a Mastercard promo & Serve

- I recieved and deposited a $10 check from

-I have redeemed $25 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. I have 302 points currently & am hoping to get 1350 by end of month so I can redeem a few more $5 AGC's at the beginnging of February. Smile

- I have 11,100 in MyPoints to be cashed out later this year

- I have acccumulated $59.09 in Cashcrat money - to be cashed out in February

- My Inbox Dollars are at $11.27 (need 30 to cash out)

-Bing - Cashed in $5 Amazon gift card - currently have 246 accumulated again.

- Recyclebank - 430 points

- MyCokeRewards - 159 points

- I just joined Superpoints (by invitation only & am my way to earning a $10 gift card. 1/2 the fun is you get to just spin a wheel for a chance to earn points. Let me know if anyone is interested in an invite Smile

In other news - today was a no spender. I will have some grocery shopping tomorrow, a happy hour Tuesday, date night Wed or Thurs & then a party Friday and a Free concert Saturday. Its going to be a busy week!!

Taxes & CashCrate

February 7th, 2008 at 12:50 am

Today was a no spender. Packed a hard boiled egg, banana and oatmeal for breakfast. A meatloaf muffin & salad for lunch. And I had dinner at home - Sloppy joe over egg noodles. YUMMY Smile

Last night I did my taxes. I'm getting back $393 from Federal and $18.00 from taxes. I planned my withholdings carefully to ensure I wouldn't get a large tax refund. I'd rather have my money upfront Smile

I just checked my CashCrate balance, which was $18.80 for January.

All of this is going to my student loan. Plus I'm expecting about $475.00 in an inherited insurance distribution.

My goal is to get that student loan paid off this year. I need to get my butt in gear and get a 2nd job. It's necessary if I want to get that loan paid off.