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Nearly Free Christmas 2012 update

February 8th, 2012 at 06:35 am

I hate to post & run - my life has been hectic lately, but I wanted to update on my Christmas Challenge.

I have done crazy good so far I have a lot accomplished already! $252.72 cash/AGC to spend for Christmas.

Cash in ING acct ($45)
-$20 Serve.com
-$20 Mastercard Bonus
-$5 Check from Synovate

Pending Cash to go to ING ($61.91)
-$61.91 Cashcrate payout

Amazon Credits ($95.81)
-$5 AGC from Bing
-$25 AGC from January Swagbucks
-$3.8 Dvd Trade-in
-$62.01 DVD/Video game trade-in

Amazon Pending Credits ($25)
-$25 AGC from Feb Pending

Cash-flowed Amounts for purchases (7.49 oop & $10 in coupons)
-$2.49 oop Plus $5 Toys R us Coupon for 1 gift (cost $7.49)
-$5 TPPR credit plus $5 out of pocket for $20 Overstock Giftcard

Misc ($20)
$20 Overstock gift card

*I also have:
12,000 My Points to spend
$13.01 in my Inbox Dollars (Need to hit $30)
$3 in my cashcrate (need to bring back up to $20)
196 current swagbucks
325 Bing Points

3 Responses to “Nearly Free Christmas 2012 update”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:


    I would suggest not saving too many my points. I've (knock on wood) not had any problems yet (since 2003 I think) but I have heard instances of where people have saved up high amounts, gone to cash in, and are deactivated losing all accumulated points. I try to never keep more than enough for a $50 gift card, and even then I get a little antsy..

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I'm not too worried about the points, I am still actively earning & I am working toward a specific reward. I will be there soon with it Smile

  3. -Jerry- Says:

    Nice work! Will you save it all for shopping over the holiday season, or will you let the sales throughout the year lead your decisions? I prefer to shop throughout the year for some things so that I have some insurance of lessening the financial hit during the season itself.

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