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Financial Updates (from EOM Aug/Beg Sept)

September 12th, 2017 at 01:38 pm

401k Update (Self only)

Personally Contributed $11,710.92 YTD
Company Matched $4,391.84 YTD

TOTAL Contributions YTD: $16,102.76

Current Personal Retirement Balance Total (without Spouse) $141,464.07 (UP from $119,755.27 on Jan 10th)

H.S.A Cash Amount: $43.24
H.S.A Investigated Account: $1743.20
Y.S.A (H.S.A) Account: $1916.36

Health Savings Accounts Total: $3702.80

Non-Mortgage DEBT UPDATE:
CC B (0%) $6,281.41
CC P (0%) $2,171.38
CC W (0%) Furniture Purchase $1754.35
CC B (PIF Monthly) $48.48
CC AZ (PIF Monthly) $66.31
CC T (PIF Monthly) $208.44

TOTAL: $10,530.37

SLUSH FUND SAVINGS UPDATE (to be used throughout the year as irregular expenses occur):

Facebook Kid Sales (sale & purchase of items for the 2 year old via yard and FB sales) $199.50
Facebook House Sales (sale & purchase of items for the house) $41.00
Clothing Fund: $60
2017 Gifts Fund $1271.00
2018 Gifts Fund $140.13 (all from free sources of income)
House Slush Fund $329.94
Home Upkeep $52.29
Medical Slush $93.26
Auto Slush $320.84
Membership Slush $52.48
2017 Gifts Fund $1271.00
Car Insurance Savings $195 (paid bi-yearly)

Joint Savings: $500.19
EF1 Savings: $13,000
EF2 Savings $3855.03
2018 Gifts Fund $587.23 (all from free sources of income)
Nephew UGMA Acct: $947.74
Daughter UGMA Acct: $300.01
Daughter 529: $752.81
CC Repayment: $184

FB Sales & Purchases on the last day of the year

January 1st, 2017 at 12:08 am

My little one is already incredibly into books. We read to her, she flips through books herself, she 'reads to us' (she's one, so she's just babbling at us with some real words thrown in). I want to foster that love of books, so we have a bunch and incorporate the library (more later than now obviously).

However, a woman locally was selling 100 kids books for $30. At 30 cents each, and including several series of books that I loved to read as a kid, I bought them. I did try to counteroffer, but she held firm. LOL Using money I had from FB sales of my daughter's stuff, no budget money was spent.

At the same time, I sold one of my daughter's old infant toys for $5.

I am ending the year with $199.50 in the FB Baby Sales envelope. This is Sales minus Purchases from the site.

FB Sales Site - great for frugal baby items!

April 7th, 2016 at 07:21 pm

I have been blessed with plenty of gifts and hand-me-down baby items. However, we are starting to get to the piont of having to fund our own clothing purchases for the little one. She'll be 8 months old in a week. Crazy, right?

My area has a very big FB Sales site geared towards family & kids.

I have had some successes selling and buying. Some things that haven't sold... it just depends.

I have even sold some things for my sister (after we used them for our little one) and given her back the money (she needs it more). Below, I do not count sales for my sister.

Overall, we really have lucked out. For example, I sold a large lot of newborn clothes to a lady who was donating them to a coworker in need. Both of us won on that deal!

Another example - I bought the infant car seat and 2 bases from a good friend whose daughter only used it for 3 months. We knew for sure it was not in any accidents, etc. We paid $100 for 3 month old supplies

My daughter used it for 6 months and then moved into a convertable car seat. I turned around and sold it on the FB sales site this week for $50. Can't beat that!

2016 Tally:

-Sold: lot of newborn clothes $50
-Sold: 3 1/2 shirts for newborns $6
-Sold: newborn shirts $10
-Sold: extra boppy cover $5
-Sold: 6 3 month onesies $8
-Sold: 9 3-6 mo onesies $10
-Sold: minnie mouse outfit $8
-Sold: car seat & 2 bases $50
-Purchased: 5 12 month summer outfits $12
-Purchased: 5 12 month dressy outfits $12

Net Profit: $123

Maternity Item Sales

September 30th, 2015 at 03:16 am

Started putting some things on a FB Sales site, I already have a few bites. I also have re-upped some Craigslist listing from prior to the baby coming:

Breastfeeding paraphernalia: $45 (Meet set up tomorrow)

3 Nursing Camisoles: $20 (Meet up pending time to be set

Old (bad condition) Telephone Table. Its an antique, but requires a lot of work: $25. Pending pick up on Sunday!

FB & Craigslist Sales Part 2

May 24th, 2015 at 11:06 pm

Today, I sold:

1) Mini Frames bought to use in the wedding last year. $7.00

2) a not well made side table $5.00

I also has someone interested in an item, then back out (but did tell e he was no longer interested).

I also had someone interested in a different item that said they wanted to meet this afternoon, but did not respond to set up the meet.

I can only hope that person comes through tomorrow!

FB and Craigslist Sales

May 23rd, 2015 at 08:19 pm

I have been putting up furniture and other items in an attempt at decluttering the basement. The furniture is something I inherited and has been sitting in the basement for almost 8 years. It has to go!

I tried selling before with no luck. So I priced to SELL and required the buyer to do all lifting/moving of the heavy stuff. To me, that is a win as well!

To date, I have sold 2 of the biggest pieces of furniture. The Solid wood buffet and the dining room table. It has chairs, but they are in terrible condition and did not sell. They work, but should be refinished, so I am going to give to goodwill.

All money from the sales 4/3 to 5/4 went to my last credit card. All the sales after 5/4 will be going to baby purchases (crib/glider).

4/3/15 $10 blanket sale
4/5/15 $10 camping chair sale
5/4/15 $10 marble cutting board sale
TOTAL TO Last Credit card $30

5/17/15 $70 Buffet sale
5/18/15 $15 portable cooler sale
5/20/15 $30 dehumidifier sale
5/23/15 $35 dining room table sale

TOTAL TO DATE toward Baby Purchases: $150.00