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FB Sales Site - great for frugal baby items!

April 7th, 2016 at 07:21 pm

I have been blessed with plenty of gifts and hand-me-down baby items. However, we are starting to get to the piont of having to fund our own clothing purchases for the little one. She'll be 8 months old in a week. Crazy, right?

My area has a very big FB Sales site geared towards family & kids.

I have had some successes selling and buying. Some things that haven't sold... it just depends.

I have even sold some things for my sister (after we used them for our little one) and given her back the money (she needs it more). Below, I do not count sales for my sister.

Overall, we really have lucked out. For example, I sold a large lot of newborn clothes to a lady who was donating them to a coworker in need. Both of us won on that deal!

Another example - I bought the infant car seat and 2 bases from a good friend whose daughter only used it for 3 months. We knew for sure it was not in any accidents, etc. We paid $100 for 3 month old supplies

My daughter used it for 6 months and then moved into a convertable car seat. I turned around and sold it on the FB sales site this week for $50. Can't beat that!

2016 Tally:

-Sold: lot of newborn clothes $50
-Sold: 3 1/2 shirts for newborns $6
-Sold: newborn shirts $10
-Sold: extra boppy cover $5
-Sold: 6 3 month onesies $8
-Sold: 9 3-6 mo onesies $10
-Sold: minnie mouse outfit $8
-Sold: car seat & 2 bases $50
-Purchased: 5 12 month summer outfits $12
-Purchased: 5 12 month dressy outfits $12

Net Profit: $123

2 Responses to “FB Sales Site - great for frugal baby items! ”

  1. snafu Says:

    Brilliant, babies outgrow garments and equipment so fast it seems pointless to buy it all new. So sad to see moms turning down offers of barley worn hand-me downs from friends, colleagues and relatives. If you don't like the color or brand, you can always sell or send off to consignment as a group.

    I wish soon to become newbie moms didn't fall for the babes industry play on emotions. So much of the stuff depends on your particular baby. Some love being 'worn,' others hate being wrapped etc. Just because the item says 3 months, your babe may have growth spurts that pass right thru size definitions.

  2. househopeful Says:

    Agreed on the marketing/growing out of sizes. My little one is a meatball, as my sister calls her. Chunky legs and middle, but not tall. Makes sizing her hard. But this definitely helps!

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