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Finances, Fun, Falls

August 17th, 2013 at 06:34 pm

LOTS of financial things going on. I am still working to finalize my refinance on the house. Should be done by the 31st!

I had small credit card fraud on an inactive credit card. I caught it when the mortgage company pulled my credit. Didn't affect the refinance as the amount was

Costly Weekend

August 6th, 2013 at 12:50 am

Over the weekend, I knocked my laptop over & it broke. My fiancée took it apart and it almost seemed like it was fixed. However, the 'fix' would not stay due to a broken part.

As I use my computer to work from home once a week, and because I am addicted to facebook, candy crush and these blogs, I went out today to buy a new one.

I need a processor that supports my work from home, but other than that, I just needed the basics. Found a REALLY good deal on an HP for $349.99. I paid cash out of the wedding fund (with the fiancée's agreement) and will replenish it when I am paid on Friday.

I would have used my ING checking, but I forgot to transfer funds from my ING savings into it & then was unable to do so from my dilapidated cell phone. Which is an old one that my friend let me borrow after my own cell phone died.

I have been unlucky in electronics. Thank goodness I found a decent deal.

In other news, my refinance is going through nicely. Should close on the 31st. I am paying my medical bills through cashflow and will be able to hit my Wedding Fund goal in no time, despite the set backs!