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We got ENGAGED!!

April 23rd, 2013 at 12:09 am

I took a compute hiatus over the last 2 weeks or so during my transition between the 2 jobs. I will fill you all in about that time, but in the mean time, I have to share.

We got engaged! It was a total surprise (which I loved) and I am super happy. We want a smaller wedding and will probably be doing it in Spring 2014. Talks have begun to see what budget we will work with as neither of us wants to go into debt over this wedding.

I am so happy!

Background check complete -giving notice Friday - 15k increase in income begins!

April 4th, 2013 at 01:23 am

I know you all must be sick of hearing about this new job. But I am SUPER excited. I received an email confirming all the background checks, etc. have been completed. I am officially starting the new job on 4/22. I will be giving my notice on Friday.

I don't know what my current employer will do - they will have to decide to either keep me for the 2 weeks or send me home with pay for the 2 weeks for going to a competitor (although the job is not specifically in competition with my current one).

I am hoping for the 2 week 'vacation'. We will see Smile

I can't wait to get my first check on the new job and be able to do a new zero based budget with a strong concentration on paying off my debt!

Easter Weekend and Countdown to giving my notice at work

April 1st, 2013 at 09:04 pm

I had a very good weekend. Friday, I had the day off. I was still sick and other than grabbing lunch with my parents & doing some pre-employment actions. The rest of the day was spent sleeping.

Saturday, we went to see GI Joe. It was what I expected, but enjoyable Smile

Saturday night, we had friends over. I made Buffalo Chicken Lasagna and salad. My friend brought a hostess gift of tulips and some really cute earrings. She totally didn't have to, but I am very appreciative of both.

Easter, the boyfriend & I had dinner at my parents, then dinner at his family's. We usually just do little things for the kids, but for some reason my mom got my BF & I $25 Fandango gift card.

His mom made me a very cute crochet bunny doll. It is soooo adorable. I love his family.

Today would have been a no spender like yesterday, but I spent a few dollars on a sandwich as I'd remembered to pack breakfast, but forgot to pack my lunch.

Tomorrow will be a bit spendy - my work team is doing a lunch out followed by bowling. This was already in my budget, so it will be fun and not stretch my budget at all.