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2014 Overtime To Date - Unsolicited Advice about taxes

November 19th, 2014 at 01:35 am

I have been incredibly lucky to

1. Have overtime this year up to 15 hours per week (until unlimited OT was announced this week)

2. Have the ability to work that overtime from home (makes it MUCH less stressful!)

As of my last paycheck, I have worked 234.07 hours of overtime year to date

Last week, I worked an additional 5.25 hours.

This week, I am committed to working 15 hours, but with unlimited overtime, I am hoping to make it 25. I worked 5.5 hours of OT last night and will be working 6 hours tonight.

Given that my husband & I are going to be filing taxes together for the first time, I have been very aware of my income and where that puts us in regards to tax rates.

However, I have had so many people tell me that I shouldn't work OT because its not worth it because of the extra taxes. I have heard the debates back & forth on that topic... but my OT has only benefitted us.

Feel free to share you thoughts Smile

2014 Alternative Income Update

November 18th, 2014 at 04:53 pm

Lots of Alternative income in 2014 so far! I funded most of my Christmas this way & am using the rest towards supplementing various savings accounts.

TOTAL: 1061.61

Credit Card Rewards: $420.89
Checking Account Rewards: $350
Prizes: $93
Escrow Reimbursement $61.44
Ebates: $52.81
BING $45
Inbox Dollars: $32.47
Price Matching $6

Updated Debt totals - Mid November

November 18th, 2014 at 04:47 pm

Previous Credit Card & Car Loan Debt Totals:

6/1/14: $27,663.81
8/10/14: $23,424.90
9/19/14: $22,596.90
11/15/14: $18,626.56

Retirement Funds Update

November 18th, 2014 at 04:42 pm

10-23 Prev Total of Retirement Funds: $69,428.71
10-23 Prev Total PLUS SPOUSE 401k $101,828.71

11-18 New Total of Retirement Funds: $74,018.38
11-18 New Total PLUS SPOUSE 401k $106,418.38

Busy Saturday!

November 16th, 2014 at 01:49 am

More Work Freebies:
-3 sodas
-1 bottle water
-1 cookie

This week, my husband redid the drywall in our living room ceiling and lets just say the WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS was covered in a half in layer of dust.

So today, I spent the day mixed between vegging and cleaning. Every single item downstairs needs to be wiped down. I cannot even exaggerate that statement LOL

In the kitchen, I -

-Deep cleaned the kink
-wiped off the top of the fridge
-wiped off every bottle/glassware on top of the fridge
-cleaned counters
-hand washed dish drain rack
-wiped off cabinets
-cleaned off & wipe down kitchen table and chairs
-wiped/cleaned items on windowsill
-wiped down microwave
-cleaned kitchen floor

Living Room
-cleared off sofa table and wipe down every photo frame/item on it
-wipe down items in baskets on 2nd shelf of sofa table
-wiped hanging mirror and artwork
-removed all items from bookcase and wipe down each book and photo and replaced them
-fixed back of bookcase (using staple gun)
-Replaced wall art with finished framed poster used as Wedding Guestbook
-wiped down ceiling fan
-removed all items from entertainment center, wiped them down and organized them.
-wiped coffee table & all items on it
-wiped off 1 end table & all of its items

-took out recycling and trash
-cleared personal email
-did bing, mypoints, etc
-updated blog (now)
-purchased desk for nephew. Used $10 gift card from Recyclebank and gift/Christmas account for the rest
-made payments from payday - $875 to credit card!
-made dinner at home
-watched Catching Fire with hubs on Netflix
-fixed kitchen chairs

Breaking now and will finish cleaning off/wiping the rest of the house tomorrow!

-wipe off 2nd of end tables
-shake off blankets
-shake off couch cushions & pillows
-pick up living room
-wipe down stool
-clean rest of living room
-vacuum living room & stairs
-wipe off stair rails
-vacuum upstairs hall

Freebies, Extra Money, Accountt Statuses

November 13th, 2014 at 01:04 pm

Quick update:

Lots of freebies at work lately - 3 cans of soda, a cookie, 2 waters and some peanuts. Nice!

Last week, my CC#2 was Paid off! (in addition to CC#1)
CC#3 - $3297.16
CC#4 - $5879.60
CC#5 - 9447.35
CAR - $2055.93

My paycheck on Fri will put $847 to CC# 3, $230 to car.

New Remaining Balances
CC#3 - $4207.16
CC#4 - $5879.60
CC#5 - 9447.35
CAR - $1825.93

My ING/Slush Funds include:

Christmas - $764.73
New Home - $5818.95
EF $67.26, $3000 (2nd acct)
Sewer/HOA/AAA $170.35
Insurance $90.64
Vet $20.46
Medical $20.86
Auto $0.04

Paid off a Card

November 2nd, 2014 at 03:00 pm

Woohoo! The Payoff of a card just hit. Balance shows as $0!

No new debt in months (last 'new' debt is basement drainage repairs). I am utilizing one card due to 5% cashback on groceries, gas, restaurants and utilities. So I am using that card for normal purchases & paying off immediately. I already charged (and paid back) $500, so I will be getting a $100 bonus. And I still get 5% cashback for 5 more months.