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Busy Saturday!

November 16th, 2014 at 01:49 am

More Work Freebies:
-3 sodas
-1 bottle water
-1 cookie

This week, my husband redid the drywall in our living room ceiling and lets just say the WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS was covered in a half in layer of dust.

So today, I spent the day mixed between vegging and cleaning. Every single item downstairs needs to be wiped down. I cannot even exaggerate that statement LOL

In the kitchen, I -

-Deep cleaned the kink
-wiped off the top of the fridge
-wiped off every bottle/glassware on top of the fridge
-cleaned counters
-hand washed dish drain rack
-wiped off cabinets
-cleaned off & wipe down kitchen table and chairs
-wiped/cleaned items on windowsill
-wiped down microwave
-cleaned kitchen floor

Living Room
-cleared off sofa table and wipe down every photo frame/item on it
-wipe down items in baskets on 2nd shelf of sofa table
-wiped hanging mirror and artwork
-removed all items from bookcase and wipe down each book and photo and replaced them
-fixed back of bookcase (using staple gun)
-Replaced wall art with finished framed poster used as Wedding Guestbook
-wiped down ceiling fan
-removed all items from entertainment center, wiped them down and organized them.
-wiped coffee table & all items on it
-wiped off 1 end table & all of its items

-took out recycling and trash
-cleared personal email
-did bing, mypoints, etc
-updated blog (now)
-purchased desk for nephew. Used $10 gift card from Recyclebank and gift/Christmas account for the rest
-made payments from payday - $875 to credit card!
-made dinner at home
-watched Catching Fire with hubs on Netflix
-fixed kitchen chairs

Breaking now and will finish cleaning off/wiping the rest of the house tomorrow!

-wipe off 2nd of end tables
-shake off blankets
-shake off couch cushions & pillows
-pick up living room
-wipe down stool
-clean rest of living room
-vacuum living room & stairs
-wipe off stair rails
-vacuum upstairs hall

1 Responses to “Busy Saturday! ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You were busy...that drywall dust does get EVERYWHERE!

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