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ups and downs

May 30th, 2012 at 12:39 am

Still walking on crutches and trying not to fall Smile Actually am getting the hang of it! LOL

An update to my 'Mostly Free Christmas'
Christmas Amazon Gift Card credits: $154.09
Christmas: Cash $307.27
Christmas - Pending $47.77 check from Inbox Dollars (to recieve in July)
Christmas - Pending $20.40 check from Cashcrate (to recieve mid June)

Cashflowed Gifts:
Sister's xmas - DONE - $24.95 out of pocket (decorative Wine cork holder)
Friend NG partial xmas - Earrings $0.01 out of pocket after coupon code and a book bought last year for her
Friend B xmas -DONE - Game - $7.49 out of pocket
Niece - partial xmas - small purse - free (gift with makeup purchase)
Friend L - birthday - DONE - $5.94 - Indian's Team Rubik Cube
Mom - partial xmas - I LOVE Crafts linen bag $7.52

I HATE HATE HATE my company's new insurance program. They forced us to go with a high deductable plan, and while they 'gifted' us $400 in a Medical Reimbursement Account and I 'earned' Health Funds of $500, plus putting $400 into an HSA - I have blown through it all with physical therapy for my wrist, another health problem, medications & my broken foot. AND not all of that money 'spent' went to my $1500 deductable. So now I am paying out of pocket 100% for at least another $850 or so dollars. Thanks a lot work.

On the upside - because they have this stupid auto payment from the MRA thing - they overpaid my Physical Therapy people. After about a dozen calls, the PT place is cutting me a check for the overpayment (of about $379.31).

I ALSO found an error and my doctors office is rebilling the insurance, this should refund me about $121.01. Both of which are good - because I owe the Foot Specialist $250.59 for the visit, assessment and the air cast. What a rip off this plan is. There are no copays, just percentages of what is owed. Annoying!

My roommate is still working out well. She's been kind enough to help with extra stuff since I have been laid up with the foot. My mom has been SUPER helpful and I LOVE my boyfriend for everything he has done for me.

Financially, I am working to paydown the debt I have AND still not add to it with any medical expenses. Its been tough because I cannot cook for myself and cannot grocery shop or do any cleaning. What I have 'saved' in gas has been eaten up by money for take out and extra groceries. While I spent 2 weeks working from home - I utilized Netflix like it was my job. Haha.

My good friend also gave me a $15 gift card to Amazon to use to rent movies off my Roku box. I sincerely appreciated that. I am back in office now, but obviously, my mobility is still limited. I am 100% on crutches and have the aircast.

Upside to the broken foot - I have had a bit of time to put on Craigslist an unused Breadmaker, an unopened MealSaver Food Saver and some dvds. I have only gotten a response on the dvds though.

Downside - I cannot use the nice, brand-new Reel Lawnmower that I had bought free through my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards. I am having a friend of the family cut it for $35/month. Necessary though as the boyfriend is severely allergic to grass or he would do it for me.

Upside, I am looking to sell my broken lawnmower to a guy off craigslist. Someone with the know-how could easily repair it. The task is just beyond me and I really enjoyed the Reel mower since I have such a small lawn.

In other news, I am shopping car insurance as once again, my company is trying to increase the amount this year.

Tomorrow or Thursday, I am calling Comcast to negotiate a better rate.

I have been following a budget the best that I can given my predicament. I seriously considered Spending $75 for a Living Social for 5 hours of cleaning. The house is a mess of cat hair & dust and with my family being tied up with my sister's wedding (last weekend), I haven't been able to ask for help. And really I have imposed quite a lot alredy. My dad comes down to do the cat box, my mom to bring food/groceries and do my laundry. I'm hoping to get the nephew to do some light dusting and vacuuming & will probably pay him about $15-ish for doing the living room, stairs and hall as well as sweep the kitchen.

So in a nutshell, I really need to be creative to take care of myself day-to-day and to not take advantage of boyfriend/friends/family. LOL

Catching up - Broke my foot, lots of expenses

May 14th, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Hey guys, its been SO long. Lots of spending, frugality and everything in between.

On Saturday the 5th, I went to my sister's bachelorette party. On our way out of the place (to head home), I managed to fall on a deck & break my foot. At the time I didnt realize it was broken, so when I woke up Sunday morning, I had to have the boyfriend take me to urgent care. Confirmed 2 breaks where the toes & foot meet. I am unable to put any weight on it for almost a month. I have crutches & an air boot for the foot.

It's very hard for me to do things for myself and I broke the right foot which means driving won't be possible for a little longer. My mom & boyfriend have set me up with food, ect and the boyfriend had been taking care of upkeep at the house (trash, dishes, ect). My roommate has been awesome too.

Work-wise, I lucked out. My boss was SUPER-Lenient and although they did not have to, they let me work from home Tuesday through Friday last week (i already had had Monday scheduled off) and I work from home today & tomorrow, going back to work Wed & Thurs. Friday I had previously taken off because its the day before my sister's wedding.

My poor sister has a maid of honor that HAS to be on crutches going down the aisle. Surprisingly she hasn't flipped out on me Smile

So I have been giving lots of money to people who deliver me food or to pay for take out. Its worked out ok, because that was money I was supposed to use for a beach weekend that I missed this past weekend.

I am having insurance issues as my stupid insurance pays for copays/my responsibility out of an MRA acct automatically. I made a deal with the physical therapy people for my wrist for a $20/visit out of pocket. The insurance paid them the full amount because they cannot 'retract' the auto pays. So now I have to sort out an almost $400 refund from the PT place.

Which is MUCH needed as this insurance is horrible & I will owe the foot doc approx $300 out of pocket when all is said & done.

In other news, I have done REALLY well with my Nearly Free Christmas challenge. I updated totals on the side (or will in a few minutes if you read this right away!).

I also have been getting lots of freebies & have made a few small purchases for Christmas already Smile

When I return to work, carrying bags will be impossible, so I will be buying lunch at the cafe, most likely. Given that, I adjusted this month's food/grocery budget accordingly.

Hope everyone is doing well. I plan on posting MUCH more regularly now. Wish you all well!

Longest I have ever been away from here! Free $ update

May 4th, 2012 at 09:42 pm

Hello All - while I have been reading, I have not been riding. LOTS of things going on personal, family, financial, ect. But to start off my coming back, I wanted to update my "Nearly Free Christmas Goals"

Christmas Cash Update TOTAL: $526.05

Cash Free Money in an ING account $168.24
2011 Rollover Amount $1.06
YTD Interest: $0.27 $20
Mom Mastercard promotion $20
Synovate Check $5 Refund: $10
CashCrate $61.91
Mypoints gas card to cash $50

Cash Free Money in an ING account (TO BE DEPOSITED THIS WEEK) $139.03

$105.03 Credit card rewards
$20 for signing up for auto mortgage pays
$5 Synovate surveys
$9 refund from car insurance

Amazon Gift Cards Already Deposited $203.56-79.99 purchase = $123.57

Jan AGC from Swagbucks $25
Jan AGC from Bing $5
Jan DVD trade-in $3.80
Feb AGC from Swagbucks $25
Feb Amazon trade-in $62.01
2nd Feb Amazon trade-in $22.75
March AGC from Swagbucks $25
Amazon Promo $10
April AGC from Swagbucks $25
***USED $79.99 for a Reel Lawn Mower Christmas balance is after that expense***

Money/Rewards requested and on its way: $57.77
$10.00 AGC from Swagbucks (For May)
$47.77 Inbox Dollars

Out of Pocket/Cashflowed gifts: $37.44

$24.95 for sisters gift (After $5 coupon from Hallmark)
$10.00 to Kohls (gift card that got me 500 MyPoints with a bday promo)
$2.49 gift for friend

Feeling REALLY good about where I stand. I have depleted funds in other areas due to multiple weddings in 6 weeks.

I have a debt paydown plan for the year and I want to build my efund back to a nice comfy level. So I am going to be diligent about finding extra funds to get that done. I will be sharing the plan soon!

Good to see you guys!!!