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Longest I have ever been away from here! Free $ update

May 4th, 2012 at 02:42 pm

Hello All - while I have been reading, I have not been riding. LOTS of things going on personal, family, financial, ect. But to start off my coming back, I wanted to update my "Nearly Free Christmas Goals"

Christmas Cash Update TOTAL: $526.05

Cash Free Money in an ING account $168.24
2011 Rollover Amount $1.06
YTD Interest: $0.27
Serve.com $20
Mom Mastercard promotion $20
Synovate Check $5
Magazines.com Refund: $10
CashCrate $61.91
Mypoints gas card to cash $50

Cash Free Money in an ING account (TO BE DEPOSITED THIS WEEK) $139.03

$105.03 Credit card rewards
$20 for signing up for auto mortgage pays
$5 Synovate surveys
$9 refund from car insurance

Amazon Gift Cards Already Deposited $203.56-79.99 purchase = $123.57

Jan AGC from Swagbucks $25
Jan AGC from Bing $5
Jan DVD trade-in $3.80
Feb AGC from Swagbucks $25
Feb Amazon trade-in $62.01
2nd Feb Amazon trade-in $22.75
March AGC from Swagbucks $25
Amazon Promo $10
April AGC from Swagbucks $25
***USED $79.99 for a Reel Lawn Mower Christmas balance is after that expense***

Money/Rewards requested and on its way: $57.77
$10.00 AGC from Swagbucks (For May)
$47.77 Inbox Dollars

Out of Pocket/Cashflowed gifts: $37.44

$24.95 for sisters gift (After $5 coupon from Hallmark)
$10.00 to Kohls (gift card that got me 500 MyPoints with a bday promo)
$2.49 gift for friend

Feeling REALLY good about where I stand. I have depleted funds in other areas due to multiple weddings in 6 weeks.

I have a debt paydown plan for the year and I want to build my efund back to a nice comfy level. So I am going to be diligent about finding extra funds to get that done. I will be sharing the plan soon!

Good to see you guys!!!

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