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Sick and feeling Blah

November 27th, 2007 at 12:11 am

Today was a bit spendy. I am sick with who-knows-what and feeling like crap. So I bought lunch ($2.40) instead of making it this morning. Then tonight, I bought dinner and a lunch to take to work tomorrow ($12.50) on the way home so I didn't have to cook.

I still went to my weight watchers meeting, which I was dreading because I went a little off-plan this week. I am only up a pound, which is AWESOME!

Anyway, I'm feeling like crud, so I'm holed up at home for the night. In my new $10.00 fleece pants, a long sleeve tee, my big robe and under two blankets. I'm watching a free movie from the library - Ghost Rider, which is a good movie, even if it has Nicholas Cage in it.

After that, I'm watching Chuck and Heros and going to bed at a nice, early 10pm. Maybe 10:30 if I feel up to watching the Hills Smile

10 Year High School Reunion

November 23rd, 2007 at 08:57 pm

I've been going between being excited about my reunion to not really wanting to go. Part of the problem was not having a date (although I could have taken a guy friend if I'd wanted to) and part was not having anything that I really wanted to wear.

After trying on dozens of dresses, I had settled on wearing a plain black dress that's part of a dress suit I had, but I really wasn't happy with it. Then today, I stopped by Old Navy on the way home from work. I had planned on grabbing some pants that I had wanted for $10.00 and getting out of there, but then I passed the dresses.

I tried this one on and I LOVE it! $29 on sale. And I'll be able to rewear it to a holiday party I have to attend on the 15th! Now I'm more excited about going tonight. It should be fun, its at the local country club. There'll be a buffet and dancing.

Feeling Organized

November 19th, 2007 at 03:36 am

I did some major cleaning and some purging yesterday. I feel very organized now. I did a ton of laundry, most of which is hanging in the basement, line drying.

I had that appointment with the potential roommate and I know he's looking at another place. He's supposed to get back to me at the end of the week. My feelings won't be hurt if he doesn't pick me, but I am really hoping that he does. The extra income would be great!

I went to the movies with my parents. I ate before I left and declined a going out to eat invitation. I paid $6.50 for the movie, which no other spending today.

Tonight I'm paying some bills on line and working my budget around.

I placed several dvds for sale on Craigslist. We'll see how it goes.

I premade lunch and snacks for work tomorrow. Now that I'm not working those long hours, I've been guilty of overpacking food. But I have breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and I'll have dinner at home tomorrow night.

I've got some upcoming spending planned.

-I have plans to meet my sister and her boyfriend at a local bar on Wednesday night. I plan on spending under $20.00

-I'm in charge of bringing shrimp to Thanksgiving. I'll be picking up about $15.00 worth. And if there are any leftovers, I'll be taking them home with me Smile

-Friday is my 10 year high school reunion. I finally gave up on finding a dress that I liked and I'm just going to wear a business suit that I already own. Its pretty tailored (from Express) and I have a shiney satin tank top to wear underneath it, which I bought for $9.80. There will be a cash bar, so I plan on bringing $20.00 cash and will stop when it runs out

Free table and possible roommate

November 18th, 2007 at 04:39 am

I've been wanting a small table for my kitchen, but have been putting it off. I found one through Craigslist for $50.00, but decided not to get it because I thought it would be too big for my kitchen. Then Monday, I came home to a table at the end of my neighbor's driveway, put out to trash. I grabbed it, cleaned it up and its now in my kitchen. For free Smile

They just put out matching chairs for the trash, but upon inspection, the chairs weren't usable. Broken, crooked, ect. So I'm still keeping in eye out for chairs. But I'll make do with what I have for now.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting that friend of a friend so that he can see the house & the spare room. I did some cleaning and organizing. If he decides he wants to take the room, then I'll have to put in closet poles/shelves and move the dresser and desk in that room to the basement. But I won't do any of that until I know he's interested in the room.

I've been thinking about what to charge for the room, and I still have to come up with a firm number by tomorrow.

Lots of things going on!

November 15th, 2007 at 04:11 pm

I havent posted in a few days because things have been crazy. I worked a total of 17.5 hours of overtime last week and Ill have completed 9.25 hours this week.

After today, I will no longer be overtime eligible. I start my new position at work tomorrow (the beginning of the new pay period). Im a bit nervous about starting in the new department, but hopefully it wont be too bad Smile

I would have worked more OT this week, but Im fighting being sick. I actually went to bed at 9:45 last night. Im taking vitamins and Sudafed, so hopefully I wont get too sick.

I packed all my meals for work or made them at home up until today. Im planning lunch out with some of my coworkers since Im leaving the department. And then tonight a bunch of us are heading out to the local bar. I chose it since it has cheap drinks, which Im limiting to 2 for tonight.

We got paid today, and I received $529.00 in overtime. I am going to put some aside for expected yearly expenses such as my HOA fee (75.00/year), sewer bill (estimated 170.00/year), $20.00 towards Thanksgiving and the rest towards Christmas and a few home projects that I've been putting off. I have funds in my savings for these expenses, but I decided Id rather keep that money in my savings for the upcoming year.

I am going to purchase closet shelves/poles for the 2 closets in my spare bedroom. I have a friend of a friend who is looking for a new place to rent. Ive met the guy several times and like him a lot. Its a bit of a hike from my house to his work, so I dont know how beneficial that would be for him, but were going to meet on Sunday to talk it over and so he can see the house. Which means that I need to clean up on Saturday!

On the Christmas front, Ive finished shopping for everyone, but my two best friends. Theyre the hardest to shop for, but Im sure Ill think of something. Ive utilized several gift certificates and online specials and have gotten several gifts for free. To date, Ive bought presents valued at $215.27, but only spent $152.34.

I just have the 2 people left on my list. Plus a hostess gift for a Holiday party and some small gifts (Im thinking baked goods) for my 2 good work friends. Im staying WAY within budget and any extra funds will just go back into savings towards Christmas 2008.

Im still trying to stay in Super Frugal mode. I plan on putting the Overtime in my last 2 paychecks (an estimate of $500.00 total) towards my student loan, just to be able to end on a good note for the year. As of January, Ill be looking for alternate sources of income. Part-time job, roommate, ect. I plan on sitting down and making financial goals for 2008 soon, cant wait to share those!

Getting Colder Out

November 10th, 2007 at 04:18 am

This time last year, I made it all the way to after Thanksgiving before turning the heat on. This year, I made it to today.

Last night it was 30 degrees out, but 60 inside. And the cold was giving me a sinus headache. Tonight, I came home to 57 degrees inside. And its actually sleeting outside. So I turned the heater on and I'm going to have to buckle down in other ways.

I set the heat to 63 and I'll turn it down when I leave tomorrow. But not too much, because I was feeling guilty all day at work for leaving my poor kitty without heat Smile

Weight Watchers

November 9th, 2007 at 07:32 pm

To date, I have lost 22.8 pounds! I have a while to go, but now that I'm taking a good hard look at all the extras in my budget, I've been thinking about the Weight Watchers fee.

Currently I pay $39.95 monthly which includes meetings and online access,which I use on a regular basis. I've been thinking hard on trying to go it alone, but the support at the meetings is really helping me. So I decided to keep it in the budget.

I am motivated though... once you make your goal and maintain it for about 6 weeks, then you get to be a Lifetime member, which means that the meetings are free! So I am definately working towards that goal for my health, my self-esteem and my pocket Smile

No spender out of necessity

November 9th, 2007 at 03:42 pm

I forgot my wallet today. Luckily, I packed food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm working from 8am to 8pm today. I was going to stop at JC Pennys on the way home to look for a dress to wear to my 10 year high school reunion. I have nothing appropriate and its been years since I bought a little black dress. So I'm going to invest in one, knowing I can reuse it for things coming up in the future.

So Today will be a no spender Smile

This Week's Meal Plan

November 8th, 2007 at 02:59 am

I figured I'd share the Mealplan for the rest of the week.

Thursday: (working 11am to 8pm)
Breakfast: Southern potatoes (leftovers)
Snack: All Bran crackers
Lunch: Large salad with chicken
Snack: Peanut butter & crackers
Dinner: Pasta salad (leftovers)
Snack: Banana

Friday: (working 8am to 8pm)
Breakfast: Banana and hard boiled egg
Snack: 1c Rice Chex
Lunch: Tuna wrap (leftovers)
Snack: Tomatoes with Italian dressing
Dinner: Meatloaf muffin and baked fries

Saturday: (working 7am to 5pm)
Breakfast: Hash brown Casserole (with meat)and banana
Snack: 1 c rice chex
Lunch: Large salad with chicken and croutons
Snack: Popcorn
Dinner: Chicken taco salad, with cheese, tomato & lettuce over baked tortilla

Breakfast: Turkey bacon BLT
Snack: apple
Lunch: Large salad
Snack: baked tortillas
Dinner: Eating out, To Be Determined

No Spender & New student loan balance

November 7th, 2007 at 06:23 pm

Today is a no spend day. I packed all my food, I'm working from 7:15am to 8pm today, so I packed breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Hard boiled egg
1/2 cup of southern style potatoes


Pasta salad and a tuna wrap

All bran crackers

Meatloaf muffin and baked fries

I packed a soda and other than that I'm drinking water all day.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I have to pick up my winter coat from the dry cleaners. I already have tomorrow's meals packed/planned.

In other news, I got a free flu shot from work yesterday.

I'm working on tweaking the budget and planning the spending my last bit of overtime. Its not going to go to my student loans, but instead to planned expenses like my HOA fee $75.00 and my yearly sewer bill $180.00, so that I can leave those funds in the savings account for future expenses.

AND the best news is that the most updated balance of Student Loan #1 is now at $7,733.11! Yay!

It was previously:
October 3,2007: $8,813.28
April 30, 2007: $12,312.40
January 31, 2007: $12,512.40 balance
February 28, 2006: $15,100.52 balance
December 31, 2005: $15,694.69 balance

That makes me feel good. I'm sad that the paydown on the account is going to slow down, but I plan on picking up a part time job in the new year, after I've settled into my new position at work.

Feeling Guilty

November 6th, 2007 at 06:08 pm

I had this grand plan of not spending money at all this week. I made a meal plan and prepacked my food today. Then it all went to heck when I got into work . I ended up spending $0.55 on a soft pretzel because I was SO hungry this morning. Even after my breakfast.

Well, now I know better. I am going to bring extra snacks for these types of situations. Also, I think I'm going to leave my wallet at home tomorrow.

Vacation Numbers

November 4th, 2007 at 08:13 pm

Well, my week of vacation is winding down and I have to say Im feeling relaxed and happy. I had a budget of $164.00 for the 9 days. Ive spent 101.08, leaving $62.92. Ive already committed $40.00 of the fund towards starting a money market account that I will receive a $25.00 bonus for opening. I plan on having dinner out tomorrow night, which I have $14.00 cash for. The remaining amount of my Vacation fund will go towards my student loan.

I also plan on getting hair cut tomorrow, but that comes out of my personal items budget.

October's Goal of No credit card use

November 4th, 2007 at 05:50 am

I made it through October without using my credit card. I feel good about it. I wanted to carry on the non-credit card use, but I've decided to make an exception. I do a lot of Christmas shopping online & I'd feel safer if I used a credit card instead of my debit card for the purchases. I will be paying off the card as each payday so I will not be charged interest. And the card will not be used for anything other than Christmas purchases. Definately do-able!

Fixing the running toilet

November 3rd, 2007 at 02:00 am

Today my parents and I went to the movies and grabbed some lunch. Then my dad and I went to get a 13.97 kit to replace the fill valve, flapper and tank lever and then my dad helped me install it. Ok, I watched and he installed. But no more running toilet! I am thankful to have family members to help me out with this learning about home ownership stuff!