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Work Clothes Shopping/Spending

June 8th, 2018 at 06:36 pm

2 Weeks ago, I went shopping for work clothes. My previous employer’s dress code was jeans daily, so I need several new outfits that I can mix & match without spending an arm & a leg.

I am in between sizes, which makes shopping at goodwill/outlets harder. So, I went around to a few places, brought some stuff home and was planning to keep the best and take the rest back.

Of what I am keeping (already returned the non-keep items) – I hit up Target, Gabes, Kmart & Kohls and got 5 pairs of work pants in varying colors (including 2 lightweight pairs for summer), 3 business dresses, 3 work shirts and 1 blazer for a total of $157.34. Not the lowest prices that I have ever paid, but all the items are high quality and versatile. I might return a pair of pants or 2… haven’t decided yet. It’s a lot of money given I am trying to save, not spend…but I have the funds in my clothing fund. I am good on shoes, mix & match tops, accessories. I will be able to present a very professional look for a long time without buying new clothes.

LOTS of Updates - Sorry!

August 26th, 2016 at 05:14 pm

It's been a while since I've posted - been super busy these last few months. We moved in July, finally got a renter into our townhouse last week, I am working OT, but not as much as before, been sick off & on and generally been living a lot.

We have had a LOT of social obligations. Never dull for me!

-My daughter turned One this month. We had a little party that my mom paid to be in a restaurant (she HAD to do my nieces and didn't want to be seen as favoring my sister's kids - that was her choice).
-Last weekend, I was at a bachelorette party.
-This weekend, my husband is going to the bachelor party.
-In September, we are attending a housewarming for friends (child friendly event)
-In September, we are attending a friend's house party (kid friendly)
-In October, we have 3 weddings - 2 out of state

We also are waiting for the rental income to come in. We have a renter, but are also using a property management company. Because of the renter starting mid-month and the PM fees, we won't see a full month's rental income coming to us until the middle of October, which will go to the 11/1 mortgage payment.

I have lots of cashflowing/savings goals -
-cashflowing budget deficit
-cashflowing wedding events/gifts/travel
-save 1 month Rental Mortage buffer
-save 1 month New Mortgage buffer
-Save 5k Rental Efund
-Cashflow tickets to an event in Oct
-cashflow new furniture

Fun stuff, people! I will say, that we are not revolving any credit card debt as we have been spending a lot. I am so thankful for overtime!

I also want to note that usually I buy Christmas gifts all year long - but not this year as I didn't want to move all the stockpile of gifts! So I need to get busy on that Smile

Getting Back into fully tracking spending is tricky

April 12th, 2016 at 06:09 pm

Tracking spending was a lot easier when I was one person. Now, we are a family and its harder. So I am tracking all personal spending for myself and all household spending. What my husband does with his personal spending won't be included. MUCH easier this way. (To be clear, we both contribute equally to the household, its just his individual checking is used for day to day expenses that I might not see).

Yesterday, I spent $1.50 on a soda at work (I know, bad!) and $40 on baby clothes.

I have been given so many hand me downs and utilized used clothing groups to supplement each new size. However, as summer gears up, my hand me down seasons are not quite matching up to my daughter's growing/size. So I am having to purchase a few things like sleepers/summer pjs and pants to supplement all the other clothing we have.

I haven't really bought new for her except once or twice, but Carters was having a great deal and I was able to buy 2 pairs of pants, 2 footie pj sets, and 2 3-piece summer pj sets for $40.00. I will 40 rewards points (75 = $10 gift card), used Ebates ($1.00 cash back) and a 3% rewards credit card.

Ugh at the price, but I am happy with the purchases as we should be all set for summer now!

The only thing we may need is some shoes towards the end of summer, but no need to worry about that yet.

Food Frugality!

March 9th, 2016 at 07:51 pm

We are hoping to sell our house & buy new this year. Unfortunately, I (single at the time) bought the house at the higher end of the market and the neighborhood has changed a lot and we are not sure how much we'll be able to sell the house for (we may take a small loss).

Because of this, and other expenses lately, we are buckling down on spending. Today, I have gotten a LOT of freebies at work and I am a happy camper.

My manager keeps a snack pile for the team - I grabbed a small bag of popcorn and a piece of candy today.

I packed my breakfast/lunch/snack:

Tuna & crackers, pasta salad, tomatoes & oil/vinegar/herb dressing.

I brought a water bottle and had a stash of soda at my desk. I also splurged on Snapples at the grocery store yesterday - 2 - 12 packs for $13.99. So for $0.58 each I can have a treat once in a while. I brought a few to keep at my desk at work. When I want a treat - I put it in the work fridge to chill.

About an hour before my shift ends, we got an email that a work meeting had a ton of leftovers & they were providing to-go containers if any of my group wanted to take some home. I got a piece of crusted chicken, some beef, potatoes and fruit salad. That and a bottle of water. The food, plus leftovers in the fridge will cover my husband & I for dinner tonight. Can't beat that!

I am thinking of restarting my Lunch Challange - so today is the 1st day of it. I spent nothing and packed or received free food today.

Since today is the 9th and I have 16 more work days in the month, (3 of which will be remote work), I am pledging to pack breakfast, lunch & snack for 15 of those 16 days. Wish me luck!

Expensive and dramatic week

February 18th, 2016 at 03:26 pm

Lots of expenses.

Monday, we had a plumbing issue and called a plumber($561.81)

Tuesday, my car wouldn't start & my husband had to buy & install a new battery ($95.99)

While that was happening, because it was his late night, I chose to work from home and keep the baby with me as I might not have a car to pick her up from daycare.

He did get it installed & working (yay). However, by that way, we were smelling gas in the house. So made a call and 3 fire trucks, a fire marshall, and 2 power company guys later, it was determined that the idiot next door left an uncapped gasoline can on their deck and it was knocked over and got on the grass between our houses. Our basement windows let the fumes in & caused them to go all over the house through the vents.

My parents had to pick up the baby so that I could let the house air out. It's taken care of now.

Lastly, that night, the hot water heater wasn't working because although it was electric & not gas, they had turned it off & didn't turn it bac on.

I was noticing my older cat (almost 15 years old) was having more issues walking. She has lost a dramaatic amount of weight in the last few weeks.

So I made an appointment at the vet for yesterday (Wednesday) where we determined she was incredibly ill and because it was more humane, we put her down. I was with her through the end and cried like a baby. But it was the right thing to do. We are having her creamated. ($374.85 vet bill).

So LOTS of sad, frustrating, riduculous things happened this week. Some costly to the wallet and some costly to my emotions.

But we have made it through and I will be utilizing OT to cover those costs!

2016 Spending

January 2nd, 2016 at 11:54 pm

So far, 2016 has been spendy. However, all entertainment/food spending has come out of the entertainment budget & is not out of line for the budget.

Jan 1st Lunch for both of us: $16.22
Jan 2nd Soda stock up $8.00
Jan 2nd Breakfast for both of us: $12.75
Jan 2nd BJs - groceries, diapers & formula $144.21
Jan 2nd Babies R US - humidifier for baby $54.99 (used $50 gift card)
Jan 2nd Amazon - 2 baby books, 1 baby toy & a replacement Wub-a-nub for the baby as the dog ate her current one $30.72

Splurged on a DSLR Camera - not in budget, but don't feel badly

June 12th, 2015 at 12:27 pm

I ended up spluring on a Nikon DSLR camera. I found an awesome deal, with an upgraded lens and accessories. I utilized a rewards credit card and will be able to cash flow the purchase before it even bills.

I am paying it off with Overtime Hours.

I calculated how much I net per each hour of overtime. To pay myself for this camera, I need to work 31.5 hours of overtime.

In today's paycheck, I had 11.5 OT hours that went to the camera balance.

Monday, I worked 4 hours of OT
Tuesday, I worked 3 hours of OT
Thursday, I worked 1 hour of OT

Total OT I have completed towards this goal: 19.5

This weekend, I will put in at least 5-7 hours of OT between Friday & Sunday.

Total OT to the goal at the end of this week: 24.5 to 26.5

Next week, I will need to have to do at least 5-7 hours of OT.

Savings/Sinking Funds Update & a CC payoff!

February 8th, 2015 at 09:35 pm

I sent $193 to a credit card, paying it off! Only 2 more to go Smile

Savings/Sinking Funds Balances:

New Home Fund: $5829.92
Holidays/Gifts: $297.56
EF: $366.31
Sewer/HOA/AAA: $281.77
Home Upkeep Sinking Fund: $151.12
Jewelry Insurance Sinking Fund: $14.80
Vet Sinking Fund: $60.53
Medical Sinking Fund: $140.99
Vacation Sinking Fund: $20

Financial Doings

February 6th, 2015 at 03:31 pm

Lots of things to update! First, my personal retirement accounts have totaled above $75k. $75,844.51 to be exact! My husband’s 401k is approximately $32,000. I am waiting on access to his 401k to really take a look.

Today was payday. I paid household bills – Car payment $230, Car insurance $97.10, electric/gas $133.45. Some bills aren’t due yet, but the funds are designated to pay them when ready: Water $35, trash $20, Cable

I paid off one of my last 3 credit cards ($193.07) and put an additional snowball of $121.83 to the 2nd to last credit card on the list!

My sinking funds will automatically deduct in the next few days:

-$20 Vet fund
-$10 Jewelry Insurance
-$20 Vacation Fund
-$30 Sewer/HOA
-$20 Medical
-$25 EFund
-$20 Clothing

I have also designated funds for gas $40, groceries $200, personal items $20, beauty $25, Netflix $8 and entertainment $259.11; Entertainment is high because I have rolled over extra from last month.

An update on my Sinking Funds/ Savings with Capital One 360:

New Home Fund: $5829.92
Holidays/Christmas $297.56
EF (being replenished) $366.31
Sewer/HOA/AAA: $281.77
Home Repairs $151.12
Jewelry Insurance: $14.80
Vet: $60
Medical $140.99
Auto expenses $0.04

I have free money pending that will go into my Gifts sinking fund.

- Ebates check $36.23
- TD CC Rewards: $88.05
- $5 Credit card credit from a promotion (asked for a credit balance refund on it)

Fun Note: My Car payment will be paid off in August! I am not including it in my snowball because its being paid off so soon and its 0%.

Pay Day and Debt Payments Day!

December 14th, 2013 at 02:31 am

Today was the first paycheck as an hourly employee (as opposed to being exempt). I am happy to report that I had OT that netted me an additional $487 in this check!

None of this includes my mortgage, but here's some great news!

Debt/Savings Payments earlier this month include:

1. A min pay to Card DSC $238
2. A min pay to Card ELN $53
3. A min pay to CTDV $83
4. A payment to my wedding fund savings account $500
5. A min pay to my car loan $230
6. $20 to ING Vet slush fund
7. $40 to ING Medical slush fund
8. $50 to ING House Upkeep slush fund
9. $10 to ING Holidays slush fund

Between cash flow and the OT, I paid off:

1. A small balance card that is being paid before the statement hits $172.94 BALANCE NOW $0!!

2. Old Navy balance - includes medical bills 551.22 BALANCE NOW $0!!

Overall, I paid $1948.16 towards savings & debt repayment.
-$1828.16 to debt
-$120 to savings

My next paycheck should have an estimate of $800 in Overtime (NET) and that & cashflow will payoff my small 2nd mortgage/First time homebuyer's loan. The balance is now at $949.07!