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Changed my blog name - and hello again!

April 27th, 2010 at 01:06 pm

Hi All! I changed my blog name from HouseHopeful to HouseHappy. Since I've owned my home for 3.5 years, I figured its time to update! haha

Today is my 31st Birthday. I have the day off. I plan on doing some cleaning (to recover from the HUGE party I threw Saturday) and some much needed laundry. I'm going to hang around the house and just enjoy the day.

I do have to head out to get a new drivers lisence ($25.00) and plan on picking myself up a birthday lunch (estimated $10.00) and heading to the local veggie stand to pick up some fruits/veggies (est $12.00)

Tonight I'm meeting friends at our normal Tuesday night out and having some fun (estimated $20.00). So today will be spendy.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to work after a 5 day weekend. Two of my coworkers and I are starting a challange in May to bring our lunches. I definitely need to do that, which will help with getting back on track with my Weight Watchers and my budget.

Hope everyone is doing well!



April 15th, 2010 at 10:27 pm

I typed up a whole post, then lost it. Dont know why. Anyway, I've made a mess of money the last few months and today, I'm back on track.

Payday was today. Spent $4.95 on food. I'm hoping to be VERY frugal hosting 2 parties between now & the end of the month.

The roomie is 80% moved out. I'm still waiting for the last rent check. It was due the 9th. He'll get it to me, but I'm thinking not before next week. Not a fan of that.

Still looking for a new roomie, but taking my time.

Went a little crazy at the garden store last weekend. I'm looking forward to planting a few things soon. And I have a bunch of herbs & indoor plants to play with.

I've had the heat off for a week now. Hoping my electric bill will be AWESOME this month!

I have a bunch of things to do this weekend, including home repairs and cleaning.


April 15th, 2010 at 10:22 pm

So today is payday Smile I have spent the last few months being crazy with spending. Today is my first day back on track. woooooo Smile

I have a budget and its TIGHT. I'm holding a Skincare party Monday night and have a small budget for food/drinks. I'm doing this for my sister, who has decided that selling these products is a GREAT way to earn money. Personally, I just feel strong armed into pushing a bunch of people to come to my house and listen to a pitch for skin care products.

Therefore, I am planning on providing yummy appetizers and plenty of wine!

Then later this month, I have 3 vacation days from work for my birthday. I am having a little party on the Saturday before. I decided my theme is Mexican. I got some decorations from the dollar store, I'll have a taco and nacho bar. My friends are bringing extra blenders and we'll have a bunch of margaritas. I'm keeping it small, but tacos for 10 people is still not cheap.

Today I spent: $4.95 on food at work today (BOOOOO)

I have a HUGE to-do list for this weekend.

-The roomie is 80% moved out and I'm gonna take the time to do a BIG clean.
-Plant some seeds and transfer the 1 tomato plant I'm attempting this year
-Planning/shopping for food for Monday
-Planning food/beverages for birthday party

I'm glad to be in control of money again. I'll update my information soon, but the #s aren't pretty.


April 9th, 2010 at 02:27 am

Roomie is moving out this month/beg of May. He's reconciled with his ex & moving back in. I'm not trying to be mean, but I can see him wanting to move back in again in a few months when they start fighting again. All in all he was an ideal roomie.

I'm putting an ad on Craigslist and putting the word out with friends. I'd really like to get a roomie in again. But I'm going to be choosy. I need to be 100% comfortable with someone who will be sleeping down the hall!

Wish me luck!

Been a long, long time

April 9th, 2010 at 12:01 am

Well, its been quite a while since I've been on the site. Checked in once in a while, but nothing more than a quick stop in. Lots of changes to the site, I will have to get used to them.

I've been in a chaos with finances and am working to get my spending under control.

I'll be looking to update my actual debt, my budget and to start holding a STRICT budget and get the debt back down.

Good to see you guys!