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Midyear update on 2015 Goals

June 28th, 2015 at 01:06 am

2015 Goals:
1. Contribute $8k to 401k [AT $4091.47 AS OF 6/27/15]

2. Company 401k Match Goal - $2770 [AT $2004 AS OF 6/27/15]

3. Pay off CC TY $1087.11[Paid off Feb 6th]

4. Pay off CC FR $5762.60 [Paid off Mar 6th]

5. Pay off CC BA $9257.35 [BAL DOWN TO $2225 AS OF 6/27/15]

6. Pay off Car Loan $1595.93 [Paid off April]

7. Cash Only Gifts - Birthday AND Christmas [ON TRACK]
8. Spouse Paying off the last of the credit cards he
came into the marriage with. [ON TRACK]

June Last Credit Card Paydown

June 28th, 2015 at 12:42 am

Starting Balance June 1, 2015: $3,969.96

6/12 Payment $775
6/15 Payment $59.40
6/26 Payment $40
6/26 Payment $813
6/27 Payment $57

Total Payments: $1,744.40

New Balance : $2,225.56

GOAL: Paying off before 8/21 due date - right on schedule!

Planning for Payday!

June 24th, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Friday is payday & my check image went online last night. It includes a LOT of overtime (28.25 hours to be exact).

After paying normal bills - cell, mortgage, cable, water, etc., I am budgeting the following:

Gas $40
Auto Savings - Gifts Fund $60
Clothing $8
Entertainment $226
Auto Savings - Car $20
Snowall to last credit card $775
Camera payoff (no interest) $590.95
TD CC Payoff for normal expenses $70.60
Savings Fund from OT $150
Slush Fund for home $100
Home Repairs Fund $50
Pets $20
Groceries $231

After all that, I will have just the 1 credit card balance, which will be down to $2360.56!

Overtime & the 401k

June 24th, 2015 at 01:30 am

In addition to my promotion/pay increase in April, I increased my 401k Contributions to 14% last month. Since then, I have been playing with my 401k #s!

I love getting OT – it not only increases my net income, but it increases my 401k contributions and company match.

$3506.67 contributed YTD in 2015
$1753.36 Company Match YTD in 2015

$5260.03 TOTAL Contributions/Match YTD in 2015

Then I tracked how much just base pay would have me end the year with:

$8192.25 total added between today and EOY 2015 (my contribution and Company Match)

Bringing me to:
$13,452.28 Total Jan-Dec 2015 Contribution without any further OT

I decided to set an OT stretch goal to get my 401k contributions to increase my personal 401k contribution by another $800 in 2015. It’s not much as I will have no opportunity for OT during my maternity leave (estimated late Aug to late Nov) and will not likely have much/any in Nov/Dec.

With the goal of contributing another $800 in OT 401k contributions, that will translate into another $357 in Company Matching for OT contributions.

This will bring my stretch goal via OT to an additional $1190.44 for 2015!

Items for the Little One

June 17th, 2015 at 06:35 pm

Baby is coming in about 2 months! My family is having a shower for me (incredibly nice!) and I have received LOTS of freebies from both my sister and my college friend.

My mom, in Grandma-mode, is also buying some outfits and fun stuff that I will be getting later on. This includes a super-cute coming home outfit and a first pictures outfit (hospital provides them for free).

My husband and I made 3 big purchases - the crib (bought at 20% discount and will get 10% back from registry rewards), travel system (car seat & stroller purchased at a deep discount & 2nd hand from a friend) and the glider/ottoman (bought at 20% discount and will get 10% back from registry rewards). I also purchased a closet organization system for $6.29 (after $20 registry gift card I won).

The crib is convertible and will move into a toddler bed and then into a full-size bed (will need to purchase a conversion kit & full size mattress later on). The Glider/Ottoman looks more like a living room upholstered chair and will easily be able to be used in a family room when we outgrow our need for it.
With these big items, I have been looking at longevity in the purchases and alternate uses. Nothing will go to waste!

We still have items that we will NEED for the little one and some that we want for ease/comfort. These are on our registry and we will purchase before the due date anything else that we need but are not gifted. (Side note- we don’t ask for or expect gifts, but family tradition means we know what to anticipate from our families).

Items on the 'Need/Really Want' List:
-Organizing bins (can be used in an infant, kid or adult room)
-Crib and Toddler bed mattress
-changing pad
-changing pad covers
-waterproof changing pad cover
-mattress pad cover (waterproof)
-crib sheets
-convertible car seat
-diaper bag
-breastmilk storage
-high chair
-bath toys
-healthcare & grooming kit
-bath tub
-pack n play sheets
-pack n play
-monitor system

I have a catalog of the items we currently have been gifted and it still needs to be updated some. So far, we have listed:
Newborn-3 months
onesies 15
newborn bibs 5
sleepers 8
jumper outfits 3
dress 1
jean jumper outfit 1
skirt 1
sweater 2
fleece jacket 1
hoodie jacket 2
pink/white striped top/hart pants outfit 1
jeans 1

3 months
2 piece summer outfit 1

6 Months
onesies 9
My First Christmas onesie 1
leggings 5
Spring outfit - onesie, sweater & headband 1
Summer sleeveless jumper outfit 1
footie pjs 1
shirts 4
jeans 6
sweatshirts 2
sweaters 2
fleece hoodie 1
shorts 9

9 Months
animal themed jumpers 2
leggings 5
onesies 7
sports track suit 1
nice spring outfit 1
light jacket 1
skirt 1
shirt 1
hoodie 1
sweater 1

12 Months 2
onesies 11
sleeveless tops 9
tops 5
shorts 2
jeans 7
sweat pants 1
leggings 3
hoodie sweater 1
spring formal dress 1
jean shorts 2
watermelon nice outfit 3
winter vest 1
Halloween Shirt 1
bathing suit 1
jumper 1
sweater 2
dress 2
footie pjs 1
eagles t shirt 1

18 Months
onesie 9
flannel pj 3
Eagles onesie 1
Halloween Shirt 1
Bathing Suit 1
Santa Shirt 1
hoodie jacket 1
long shirt/dresses 6
winter shirts 3
longsleeve tees 2
Sweater 1
Velvet Dress 1
pairs of holiday pjs 3
Dresses 4
Hoodie vest 2
hoodies 2
jeans 2
longsleeve tshirt & jeans outfit 1
sweater 1
leggings 2
coats 2
2 piece puma 1

24 months
leggings 1

MISC Items
Bibs 9
Washcloths 8
Changing pads 2
Bath Towels 6
Receiving Blankets 7
Shoes 10
Hair Bows 4
Sun Hat 2
boots 1
pairs of socks 8

Stuffed Owl 1
Laugh & Learn Dog toy 1
baby toys 4
book 2
toy purse 1
stroller hanger toys 2
mini monkey plush 1
woobie 1
mittens 1
Baby mirror 1
fridge-a-go carrier 1
travel play mat 1
playschool school bus 1
jungle crib blanket 1
small bouncer 1
wearable carrier 1
water toy 1
walker 1

OT Plan

June 17th, 2015 at 01:22 pm

I have been working as much overtime as my pregnant body will allow. I am incredibly lucky that I can work OT at home, in my pjs and during any hours that I feel able to.
I determined that I need 31.5 hours of OT to net the amount needed to repay myself for the DSLR camera I just purchased. I am currently at 28.5 and only need 3 more hours, which will be completed by tomorrow.

After that, I have a few frivolous overtime goals:
11 hours of Cushion during Maternity Leave
5 hours for Mani/Pedis - I USUALLY do these myself all summer long, but my ever-expanding stomach gets in the way these days!
7 hours of OT for my Nephew's Savings Fund. He starts high school in the fall & I want to get a HUGE jump on it
Additionally, I am on schedule to pay off my last Credit Card before the baby comes. It sits at 0% and is accruing no interest. If I need to, I can use OT to pay this off instead.

Retirement Update 06-15-15

June 15th, 2015 at 12:31 pm

Friday's Paycheck added $410.64 to my 401k, plus $205.32 Company Match, for a total of $615.96.

There were some slight losses in my Retirement accounts from the last pay period, so my overall Retirement Investments actually slightly decreased.

Previously, balances totaled $84,304.42.
New Balances Total: $84,257.33

Weekend Doings

June 14th, 2015 at 11:33 pm

Friday night, I stayed in and watched tv. No big spending.

Saturday, we went & saw Jurassic World, which was super fun. We had lunch with friends and then went to a bbq with another set of friends. Busy day!

Last night & today, I have been battling Morning (all day) sickness. I made it out to breakfast for my dad's 70th birthday. My mom picked up the whole tab despite our asking her not to.

I found some energy later in the day to splurge on a mani/pedi. I had a discount card and paid cash out of my entertainment fund. It was a nice way to relax in this heat while pregnant! lol

Tonight, we are watching Netflix and then Game of Thrones. I got 3 hours of OT today too.

My goal of OT for the upcoming week is 15 hours. We'll have to see how it goes!

Splurged on a DSLR Camera - not in budget, but don't feel badly

June 12th, 2015 at 12:27 pm

I ended up spluring on a Nikon DSLR camera. I found an awesome deal, with an upgraded lens and accessories. I utilized a rewards credit card and will be able to cash flow the purchase before it even bills.

I am paying it off with Overtime Hours.

I calculated how much I net per each hour of overtime. To pay myself for this camera, I need to work 31.5 hours of overtime.

In today's paycheck, I had 11.5 OT hours that went to the camera balance.

Monday, I worked 4 hours of OT
Tuesday, I worked 3 hours of OT
Thursday, I worked 1 hour of OT

Total OT I have completed towards this goal: 19.5

This weekend, I will put in at least 5-7 hours of OT between Friday & Sunday.

Total OT to the goal at the end of this week: 24.5 to 26.5

Next week, I will need to have to do at least 5-7 hours of OT.


June 12th, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Today is Payday and I already have bills set up to be paid and then cash budget lines for certain catagories.

Car insurance: $161.25
(includes prorated amount as I
changed policies/companies. I will get a
rebate from my old policy of about $40 in a
few weeks)
Netflix: $7.99
Medical Slush Fund: $15
Last Credit Card with Balance: $775
Credit card with entertainment purchases: $65.40
Memberships Slush Fund $13
Camera purchase (no interest) $345
Gas: $33.39
Auto Slush Fund: $20
Home Repair Payment (0%): $150

Still have in budget:
Gas Overage $1.61
Personal Items $15
Entertainment $200.75
Trash: $40 (pay $58.50 quarterly)
Mortgage (half) $489
Electric $140
Pets $92
Vacation Fund $20
Misc $10
Groceries $288.88 (had overage from last month)

Today's 5 Things

June 2nd, 2015 at 10:41 pm

The painters came to paint the baby's room. I had bought an $89 Living Social. No extra out of pocket. I worked from home while the guy did the work. We bought/provided the paint and the color came out a little different than hoped, but it looks great!

While working, I ran several loads of laundry. The dog bedding increased my normal laundry & I finally washed the linens off the spare room bed since the painter was here. The cats have been practically molting on that bed!

So, in addition to the dog bedding, the spare room bedding and our bedding, I actually got to the main reason for the laundry - my clothes! I ran the dryer a few times, but hung a good portion of the clothes to air dry.

Other To-Dos Today:
-fold all laundry from dryer
-change bedroom sheets
-add purchased organizer to baby spending spreadsheet
-clean kitchen
-unload dishwasher
-wash aluminum water bottles
-refill water bottles
-repackage boxes for saving in basement
-mail wedding invitation response
-clean off kitchen table
-put new sheets on bed
-quick pick up upstairs bathroom
-clear personal email
-bing searches

Last Credit Card Payoff - May Update

June 2nd, 2015 at 10:29 pm

In May, I put $1709.94 to the card, leaving a balance of $3,969.96.

Staying on plan!