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Today's 5 Things

June 2nd, 2015 at 03:41 pm

The painters came to paint the baby's room. I had bought an $89 Living Social. No extra out of pocket. I worked from home while the guy did the work. We bought/provided the paint and the color came out a little different than hoped, but it looks great!

While working, I ran several loads of laundry. The dog bedding increased my normal laundry & I finally washed the linens off the spare room bed since the painter was here. The cats have been practically molting on that bed!

So, in addition to the dog bedding, the spare room bedding and our bedding, I actually got to the main reason for the laundry - my clothes! I ran the dryer a few times, but hung a good portion of the clothes to air dry.

Other To-Dos Today:
-fold all laundry from dryer
-change bedroom sheets
-add purchased organizer to baby spending spreadsheet
-clean kitchen
-unload dishwasher
-wash aluminum water bottles
-refill water bottles
-repackage boxes for saving in basement
-mail wedding invitation response
-clean off kitchen table
-put new sheets on bed
-quick pick up upstairs bathroom
-clear personal email
-bing searches

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