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Coming Clean about Debt

November 2nd, 2012 at 09:53 pm

So I have mentioned before - stupid spending, being on medical leave, medical expenses, a 2nd medical leave and more medical expenses have left me with some serious credit card debt. It was stupid on my part because I continued to spend when I should have been much more frugal.

So I am saying now that the dent I made in debt in the last 2 years has been revoked with the new debt. I finally have my head on straight again.

For the last 2 months, I have been completely not using credit cards - with the exception of my car insurance, gym & weight watcher's memberships going on a $0 balance card & paid off monthly. I have a paydown plan for the debt and am finally sticking to my budget.

In my staycation this week, I was lucky to escape Hurricane Sandy with no destruction or loss of power. Monday & Tuesday were no spend days though Smile

Wednesday was Halloween and I spent $2.28 for lunch and $25 for drinks at the local bar with my boyfriend.

Yesterday, I spent $20 for lunch with my parents. I paid a portion of their tab as they picked me up from the dealership where I was getting my oil changed. It's covered under a membership that I have with them.

Today was errands and spending:
$29.99 for cat food
$4 dollar tree (tape, batteries, fries & plastic dishpan to be used for cleaning purposes. (this is covered in the grocery budget)
$44.12 groceries
$5.32 take out salad bar (HUGE - 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner)
$14.91 KMart for personal care products. This was with a $10 credit from ShopYourWayRewards bonus. The purchase will be shipped to the store for free.

For entertainment this week - it was mostly a free jigsaw puzzle, soduku books, Kindle, dvr, Netflix (due to the storm). Last night I rented Redbox movies for free (thanks free promo codes) - a suspense movie 388 Arletta Avenue and Dark Shadows. When I returned them today, I rented The Hunger Games. I saw it in the theater already, but I love the book/movie and am excited to see it again!

Tomorrow, I will be doing more errands, finish organizing the house, making food for the upcoming work week and tomorrow night is Date Night. My boyfriend is coming over for dinner and a movie night in. He will be starting to bring stuff over to the house to move in little by little this month. I am so excited!

Sunday, we are having brunch with friends. In the evening, it is Sunday night dinner with friends. We rotate making a main, a side and a dessert with 2 off weeks in between each round. This week is my off week, so all I have to do is show up Smile