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Broken Wrist, Christmas update, budget

December 29th, 2011 at 03:06 pm

GM Saving Advice! Hope you all had a great holiday! I broke my wrist Christmas Day, but still had an awesome holiday!

Scored some great gifts - a Kindle, crockpot, books, a Lolita glass, touch screen gloves, fuzzy socks, candy, toiletries, vodka, joke notepads, and a $10 wawa gift card.

As for the wrist, I broke it playing with the Wave (a skateboard-like thingy) that I gave the nephew for Christmas. Ended up at Urgent Care $30 copay, $2.50 for meds. I still finished out Christmas after at my boyfriend's family dinner Smile

Will be out of work 1 week, then work from home for 2. Work is being great, but since I am out of sick time, 2 days will be unpaid in 2011. so today, I am redoing January's budget.

HUGE to-do list (long & really for accountability)

December 23rd, 2011 at 03:16 pm

I have been running around the last few weeks and am exhausted. At the same time, my house is a wreck and I want to get stuff done.

I am working today, but am hoping to be let out due to the holiday. My only goal for tonight is to deal with my to-do list. Getting a bulk of it done will make me more relaxed for the holiday craziness that will start tomorrow Smile

So - behold, my to-do list! (amazingly - all CHristmas stuff is pretty much done!)

Pick up room
Change sheets
Clear nightstand
Clear Dresser
Gather Laundry
dust room
dust ceiling fan
*Extras that can be done later:
Clean under bed storage
Organize closet
Organize dresser
Organize Jewelry
Organize wardrobe
Purge 50 items

Clear tub drain
Clear sink drain
ORganize toiletry stockpil
Put Stockpile Shamp/cond in shower for use
Put toiletries together to keep at boyfriend's house
Clean out makeup drawer
Scrub tub
Wipe down counter
Clean toilet
Wipe Baseboards
Scrub floor

org hall closet
clean baseboards
wipe down doors
WD40 Hinges on doors
wipe stairs baseboards
Vacuum hall & stairs

Clean room
Organize all baskets
Dust all DVDS
CLean sofas
Vacuum sofas (De-cat hair)
organize bookcase
water/tend plants
dust room
dust ceiling fan
vacuum room
*Extras that can be done later:
clean out sliding door track
wash sliding door window

Clear sink drain
organize under counter
clean toilet
clean counter
wash floor
*Extras that can be done later:
fix tp holder
touch up paint
redo baseboards

clean off table - DONE
remove watermark on table - DONE
organize pantry - DONE
organize tupperware - DONE
wipe counters/cabinets - DONE
wipe fridge - DONE
water/tend plants - DONE
wipe blinds - DONE
wipe window sill - DONE
wash cat food/waterbowls - DONE
run dishwasher - DONE
wipe baseboards
vacuum floor - DONE
scrub floors
*Extras that can be done later:
Fix chair leg
deep clean fridge/freezer

organize hall closet
organize wine rack - DONE
wipe baseboards
vacuum hall carpet
vacuum entry floor
mop entry floor
wipe down doors

Wipe washer/dryer
empty trash (lint, ect)
clean catbox
vacuum basement floor
*Extras that can be done later:
Purge HOA folders sitting down there
Serious decluttering needs to happen

clear email
call dell about battery issue
12/30 finalized budget
2012 monthly budget
2012 debt payoff plan
plan for 2012 'free Christmas'
2012 Goals (Personal/financial/ect)
clean out purse
*Extras that can be done later:
look into socket issues in upstairs bath
brush cats
trim claws

Another freebie-ish site :)

December 20th, 2011 at 01:22 pm

I got a letter from my trash company referring this Green website called Recyclebank. It lets you earn points for recylcling, pledging to do 'green' activities and actually is an interesting read.

If you're interested, I can give you a referral link - or just head to the site Smile

My day 'off' To-Do List

December 16th, 2011 at 09:20 pm

Well - I didn't get much of my to-do list completed this week due to an off again/on again migraine. So I am trying to get a bunch of things done in between being lazy today Smile

WD40 Front Door [DONE]
Clean Kitchen
Unload dishwasher [DONE]
Meet with HOA partner to sign checks [DONE]
Water Plants
Wipe Counters
Clean out fridge
Wash kitchen floor
Clean out plastic snack baggies [DONE]
Pre-portion snacks for week [DONE]
cook 2 lbs 85/15 meat & portion
clean living room
put out Christmas stuff
pick up basement
change cat litter
hand towels back in bathroom
wipe down downstairs bath
oil living room table/chairs
Change sheets
Clean bedroom
Clean upstairs bath
Wash upstairs bath floor
Change bulb in upstairs hallway
MyPoints [DONE]
SavingAdvice Post [DONE]
Pay Bills
Work on Dads Resume
Work on My Resume
Clear out Purse
Itemize Groupons/Living Social/Gift Cards/Coupons

'Free' Money for Christmas 2012 Update

December 15th, 2011 at 06:15 pm

I have another $20 to add to Christmas 2012 Money.

-$10 Rebate expected
-$10 from for a promo
-$20 from signing up with
-$20 from Mastercard for using their card for $200 in Christmas shopping (No extra purchases made to get that deal)

All the funds are 'in the mail' and I am goign to update a sidebar with these funds.

I am also expecting $200 from one new Citi card and $100 from another new Citi Card.

CUrrently, my focus is on earning money/gift cards from credit card rewards, MyPoints, CashCrate, Recyclebank and similar sites. Smile

Looking to Christmas 2012 - And Free Money

December 14th, 2011 at 01:11 pm

I have completed my Christmas shopping - now the chores are decorating, wrapping & making food at Christmas. Should only be spending a few dollars for postage to send a card to my uncle in Europe.

So I am already looking toward Christmas 2012. I plan on spinning the $20 challenge you guys do & putting any 'free money' into my Christmas acct (In addition to the budgeted amount that I already have set in my 2012 monthly budget).

By January, I will have about $40 to start:
-$10 rebate check I am waiting for
-$20 from (both checks confirmed in the mail)
-$10 from (Promo for having already been signed up with them. It had a cash value, so they are sending a check) - this has also been confirmed as on its way.

BIG To-Do List

December 12th, 2011 at 08:36 pm

I have a day off this Friday. My first full day off in weeks and my last one until the New Year. So I really want to take advantage of it. I plan to have a do-nothing day. But to do that without feeling guilty, I have to get a lot of things checked off my To-Do List!

Between now & Thursday night, I would like to accomplish the following.

1. Clear Personal emails [DONE]
2. Complete HOA tasks (emails, ect)
3. Daily - do MyPoints, Swagbucks, Cashcrate, ect [Mon DONE]
4. DEEP Clean upstairs bathroom [DONE]
5. Clean bedroom
6. Dust bedroom & vacuum
7. Change sheets [DONE]
8. Do laundry [DONE]
8. Put away laundry
10. Clean bedroom closet
11. Dust/Vacuum upstairs hallway
12. Finish updating Dad's resume
13. Start polishing up my resume
14. Return library books/dvds and pick up new ones
15. Organize downstairs hall closet
16. Pack food for work each day [Mon DONE]
17. Deep Clean kitchen [DONE]
18. Keep kitchen clean the rest of the week
19. Polish kitchen table & chairs
20. Clean out wardrobe (piece of furniture)
21. Organize toiletries
22. Organize jewelry
23. Clean out car
24. Budget for 12/15 and 12/30
25. Follow up on credit card incentives
26. Decorate for Christmas
27. Start wrapping Christmas gifts
28. 2012 debt payoff plan
29. 2012 monthly budget
30. Make Masterlist of financials to put in safety deposit box
31. Pick up basement
32. CLean up kitty area
33. Vacuum basement floor
34. Try on dress to be used for New Years Eve and plan jewelry.

I am very aware that not all of these will likely be completed, but if MOST Are - I will be happy to relax all day Friday

Made an easy $20 this morning! Just want to share :)

December 12th, 2011 at 03:57 pm

There's a site called Serve out there that is basically an online acct. A reputatable site that I read every day recommended it because you get $10 for signing up and another $10 for playing a quiz game - basically answering 1 trivia question. If you get it wrong, keep answering until you get it right. From there, you should get another $10 to go to the acct.

The email for that 2nd $10 takes a day or so. But I signed up this morning, the sign up bonus was immediately credited & I already requested the $10 in check form to be mailed to me.

There is a fees disclosure with the account, but none for establishing/maintaining the account or for having the funds in your account mailed to you. SO - if anyone wants the referral & link to the quiz, feel free to leave me your email and I can get that to you. *I do want to say that for any referrals, I get $5, so its totally up to you Smile

I just plan on closing out the account after I get the moneySmile

****EDited to add - this is much like a PayPal acct & is backed by AMEX****

Grocery Shopping / Meal Plan / Dec Lunch Challenge

December 4th, 2011 at 05:16 pm

Went grocery shopping this morning. I hit up Acme, the farmer's market & Walmart and got some good deals.

1 pound pasta - $0.25 (after coupon)
Red Wine Vinegar - $2.19
Ranch Mix - $0.69
4 Pack Acme dressing mix - 1.89
2 bags Lettuce - $5.00
TOTAL OOP: $10.02

Farmer's Market:
3 cucumbers - $1.00
4 tomatoes - $1.76
Celery - $1.29
5 pound potatoes - $2.49
TOTAL OOP: $6.54

25fl oz - $6.48
Ketchup - $2.68
3 cans tuna - $2.46
1 Pound bag mini pretzels - $1.48
10 mini bags microwave popcorn - $2.98
FF Cottage cheese - $2.68
Light Sour Cream - $1.58
Dozen Eggs - $1.88

Today's lunch was a quick pasta salad. Tonight will be Sunday Dinner at the boyfriend's. Its not my week to cook, so dinner is free AND I get to have tacos for dinner Smile

Meals/Work snacks for this week:
Hard boiled eggs
Cottage Cheese
Celery & low fat ranch dip
Salad with tuna
Pasta salad
Meatloaf muffins
Sloppy joe
Taco salad

My December Lunch Challenge Goal is to pack breakfast, lunch & snacks for all but 3 days between 12/5 and 12/31 Smile

FINALLY a night to rest

December 2nd, 2011 at 02:21 am

I have been running around non-stop between my boyfriends house and work and dinners out & have had little to no time at my own house.

Tonight, the boyfriend's family birthday dinner was postponed, so I was able to have a night in. MUCH needed. As soon as I realized it, though, my mind started going crazy with all the things that I HAVE to do. Right this minute. LOL

So I came home, vegged on the couch for a while, texted with a friend and then made dinner, cleaned out the fridge, did a load of laundry, deep cleaned the kitchen (including vacuuming the floor of cat food). I packed lunch for work and cleaned up again.

Then I got on the computer, did some things to earn MyPoints, and some activities to earn Swagbucks. I am now watching a Midsomer Murder episode on Netflix & am going to bed in a few. Much needed relaxation!

In Rewards news - the $25 Small Business credit posted (making my purchase of 2 bottles of wine only $1 out of pockcet. I also got an email that the $25 credit I am expecting for using the card at target will post in 3-5 business days.

I am now waiting for $200 credit when the statement closes on 1 card and a $100 credit when the statement closes on another and a $50 credit when the statement closes on a third. I am also waiting for confirmation from Mastercard for a $20 gift card earned after making $200 online purchases with that card.

*NOTE: All purchases are paid off with cashflow this same month