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Sick, no spend days for August & some numbers

August 29th, 2007 at 03:58 pm

I was sick over the weekend, ended up not going into work on Monday for overtime and then I called off work yesterday. Since I called off work, if I did any overtime this week, Id only get paid regular time. So there will be no OT this week. Which isnt so bad, since Im still not back to 100% I got pretty much nothing accomplished on my time off, but I did manage to pack lunch for work today.

My Electric bill was 77.21! Im putting the overage from the budgeted amount of 120.00 towards my student loan.

And being sick helped me gain 3 no spend days for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So Ive made it to my goal of 13 no spend days for the month! And today will be number 14!

I am going to be able to put at least $700.00 towards the student loan this paycheck. With the previous $400.00 I put towards it, Ill have surpassed my $1,000.00 a month towards this loan! YAY!

Im still doing the weight watchers and its been slow, but steady loss. I got off the exercise track while being sick & Im still feeling low, so I wont do anything tonight. But starting tomorrow, Im going to have a steady exercise routine in place.

I need to update my numbers both in my personal tracking as well as this site, but its at the back of my to-do list right now. I'm behind on a lot of things.

1 Responses to “Sick, no spend days for August & some numbers”

  1. moi aussi Says:

    I hope you feel better soon, and it will be interesting to get to look at your updates then you get to it.

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