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Overtime Plan - through April 30th 2016

January 20th, 2016 at 04:35 am

Currently, my office has unlimited OT and with the baby being soooo good. I am able to put quite a bit of time in in the evenings and on the weekends. I am lucky to be able to work overtime from home, which makes this possible.

My husband & I want to move/sell the house around April/May, so I am pushing to meet a lot of different goals using overtime plus my already budgeted amount per month.

These mini goals (all dependent on OT) are as follows. These are all stretch goals, but meeting as many of them as possible is a fun goal!

1.Pay off extra entertainment splurge on credit card $155

2.Car Savings - $80 (4 months of $20/mo automatic savings) plus $263 in OT [To meet goal of $500 by April 30th]

3.Medical Savings - $60 (4 months of $15/mo automatic savings) plus $433 in OT [To meet goal of $500 by April 30th]

4.Nephew Savings - $0 auto savings plus $486 in OT [To meet goal of $1000 by April 30th]

5.Emergency Fund - $60 (4 months of $15/mo automatic savings) plus $876 in OT [To meet goal of $1000 by April 30th]

6.New Home Fund – Auto Savings Total of $2345 plus $600 from extra paycheck plus $7389 in OT [To meet goal of $20,000 by April 30th}. ***We have additional home savings outside of this***

With Friday's Paycheck (overtime plus any automatic savings), I will:

1. Put $155 to the entertainment spending - MEETING THAT GOAL

2. Put $200 to the auto savings fund ($180 OT plus $20 auto savings)

3. Put $935 to New Home Fund ($600 OT plus $335 budgeted auto savings).

Great start!!

2 Responses to “Overtime Plan - through April 30th 2016”

  1. Carol Says:

    Wow--that is a good baby. Good luck!

  2. snafu Says:

    Oh my! Working OT, new baby, prepare house for sale, find new house, pack it all up, move and resettle is huge! I suggest you start now with baby steps. Perhaps begin to look at current residence with a buyer's eye to see what repairs or touch ups might be needed, changed or cleaned. Eliminate stuff in cabinets, cupboards and shelves to have them appear spacious/abundant. My favorite trick is to empty the kitchen hand tools into a shoe box, returning only those used, to the drawer.

    As spring approaches, look at clothing and accessories with a plan to relinquish the stuff never worn, not used, not needed and consider sell, consign, donate or trash. Helps to find out now which thrifts have pick-up in your community and what they take. Infants outgrow so fast you will need a system to care for outgrown apparel - retain or sell. If you have electronics you hate, list locally for Valentine February. etc

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