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Personal Quirk & $8 from Craigslist

December 5th, 2009 at 01:02 am

I am weird. I know it and tonight I reminded myself. Backstory: The night before Thanksgiving I had my nephew spend the night. Thanksgiving morning, I was running around and trying to get him ready. Someone (and I DONT think it was him) used the downstairs bathroom, washed their hands and then failed to shut off the water properly. So it ran at a small pace all day. Yes, ALL day. Thanks to me. Can't even blame the 8 year old!

So in penance and because I had just gotten my quarterly water bill & wanted to try to beat it this quarter, I have been handwashing 100% of my dished. Its amazing how much water I save. I really was getting lazy & using the dishwasher an awful lot. It was so not necessary.

So yeah, I am kinda punishing myself with dishes to make up for leaving the water run Smile

Second point of the post - I sold a duvet cover & 2 pillowcases that have pretty much remained unused since bought. I think I paid $20.00 for it a few years ago. Got $8.00 cash for it tonight

Tomorrow, I am selling a desk to someone from Craigslist. Its been used by me since my early teens, but has been sitting unused in the spare bedroom. So I figured I'd earn a few bucks & have someone else haul it out. I underpriced it, but I'm ok with that Smile $10.00

And now for tonights 5+ Things (which I previously listed). I've gotten pretty much nothing accomplished!

1. Send pics of birthday party to friend (ON HOLD)
2. Laundry (ON HOLD)
3. PIckup house. Already clean, just a little cluttered again due to a busy week (DONE)
4. Set aside 2 items for pickup from Craigslist (DONE)
5. Adjust budget. Need to rebalance checkbook, I'm off somewhere (ON HOLD)
6. Change sheets (ON HOLD)
7. Do nails (ON HOLD)
8. Pull out dresses for Christmas party tomorrow (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
9. Meal plan for upcoming week (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
10. Wardrobe Plan for the upcoming week (WILL GET DONE TONIGHT)
11. Catch up on Sons of Anarchy, Monk, Fringe and Supernatural (DONE)
12. Put out Christmas decorations (WILL PARTIALLY GET DONE TONIGHT)

2 Responses to “Personal Quirk & $8 from Craigslist”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow, impressive!! I love selling stuff on Craigslist, so much easier than having to ship it, like ebay!

  2. patientsaver Says:

    Wow, you're also doing well with Craig's List. We are going head to head! Actually, you're the one who inspired me to make more of an effort. I figured, if househopeful can do it, i can do it. I do find, though, that i generally need to price things at only about 45% of value to move them. I'm ok with that too becus all the stuff i've sold i have no use for, so it's not a loss, i'm actually cleaning up clutter.

    About the handwashing of dishes. I'm not convinced that hand washing saves water; in fact, it seems to be one of those things that people are evenly split on. I have a newer dishwasher and rarely use it, not in summer, becus being just one person, the dishes sit in there a day or two and attract ants, and not in winter, cus the warmth of the dishwasher attracts mice. Yep, when i took the old one out i saw mouse droppings. But you should run the dishwasher once a month or so to prevent the rubber seal around the door from drying out and cracking.

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