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Thinking...about Sinking Funds - responses welcome!

January 8th, 2013 at 03:05 pm

I have been thinking about Sinking Funds quite a bit lately and also about expected unexpected expenses. I really want to fund so many different things, but I also dont want to slow down my debt snowball.

Right now, my budget accounts for Sinking Funds in the following categories:

Gas for extra trips at certain times of year
Gifts for birthdays & to supplement Christmas (finding money unconventionally for most of my Christmas 2013 purchases)
Pets vet appointments, ect
Medical out of pocket expenses outside of HSA/MRA funds
Car - *This is where I am thinking more about expected replacements of tires, brakes, tags, routine repairs, ect
Wedding Season funds to attend the wedding of 2 good friends this year
Home repairs *this is also something I am looking at as I have several projects & expected upcoming deaths to certain appliances in the next 2 years

So I am focusing on car & home. I have to expect normal wear & tear repairs. I am working to make a list & look to how long things are supposed to last & plan accordingly.

The main 4 Things I want to work on first are:
-Scheduled Maintenance for car
- tune-up for the heating/cooling units
- replacing screens in front & back doors
- replacing the stove

What are some of your sinking funds and how do you plan for planned unpredictable repairs/replacements? I would love to hear others as well!

2 Responses to “Thinking...about Sinking Funds - responses welcome!”

  1. twest Says:

    I just started doing sinking funds in 2012. I do Home, Medical, Car, Clothes, Entertainment, and Gifts/Vacation. I started this trying to avoid putting so much on the credit card. I always pay my credit cards off each month but some months I would find it tough to pay everything. I definitely didn't want to dip into emergency for "planned expenses." I send 50 to each category with the exception of two of them which I send 100/month. The two that get 100 are the two categories that I know will be needed soon. This is just how I do it and maybe we will hear from others as well.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I have found that too many categories makes for least for us. We have a slush fund where extra cash goes...that isn't necessarily earmarked to anything in particular but would help us pay for oil changes or school fees.

    Our escrow/sinking fund includes auto insurance, and car registrations only at this point. It did include life insurance at one time, but they now deduct monthly.

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