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January has been way too spendy

January 27th, 2013 at 11:32 pm

I have been a little out of control with spending this month. Time to buckle the heck down!

I did some deals that I was not prepared for - but were needed. So I have the cash for it, but am hoping to make up the funds through Craiglist sales so those funds can go towards debt repayment like I wanted it to.

I am having health issues still (UGH) and to help, I am geting back into working out. I have very old sneaks for yardwork and somewhat old sneaks for working out, but I really need a newer pair. I found a groupon for Sketchers $23 for a pair that I have had previously. Even with coupons/sales.... I have not seen this type of sneaker for that price. I ended up buying 2. One for summer & one for working out. Using Shopathome, I will recieve 4% back & amazon rewards will be 2%.

I found a online coupon code for a website & bought a pair of work shoes for $3.99 out of pocket. Thats my kind of deal!

I paid the last of my 2012 medical expenses (woohoo!)

I also treated my family to breakfast out as repayment for help while I was out of comission (being sick). $46 for 4 adults & my nephew.

In other news, I have been organizing at home. I organized all the kitchen cabinets, tupperware, serving dishes, ect.

I called discover to have an inactive account reinstated (it had previously been closed by them). I plan on closing per my request.

I mended 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, & 3 cardigans.

So lots of things have been accomplished this last week. I have another medical test tomorrow (not fun) and will work from home before & after. I put a little work from home time in today to make up for the time out for the doctors.

This week is cash only - and limited spending under payday on the 31st.

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