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2013 Medical and potential change in jobs

January 29th, 2013 at 06:42 pm

Well - less than a month in & my medical stuff is already going crazy. I cannot wait to be 100% healthy again.

After my procedure yesterday, I starte with a nice little stomach bug. My day went from work at home to sick day. Boo.

I have been wanting to look into other work possibilities lately - inside & outside the company, but was sorta stuck last year based on so many health issues. I really want to know at what point, I would be 'stuck' again.

I have my medical, dental & vision - which I would lose when leaving the company.

I have an HSA of $300 - with $120.40 left after eyecare expenses.

I have $400 in an MRA with the potential to have $1000. So far, none has been used, but with the multiple expenses in the last few weeks - it probably will go down about $200 with co-insurance, ect.

I learned today, that if I left the company, I would not have to repay any funds spent for either and would be able to use for any 2013 bills from dates prior to my departure.

I can cash out any unused accrued & unused vacation time (20 days/none used)

I can cash out any Floating Holidays earned & unused (1 earned/none used YTD)

Sick time (6 days minus 1), personal days (3) are not paid when you leave. So my planned day off Friday was a personal day & my unplanned sick day today were used. I will not touch vacation until I absolutely need to.

I am feeling well enough that I will return to work tomorrow. None of these 'plans' or thoughts have been expressed to anyone other than the boyfriend and you buys. But I am attempting to plan the best that I can if I do leave the company altogether.

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