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January Goals Update

February 1st, 2017 at 12:42 pm

JANUARY Financial Goals: Update
1) Pay $463.08 towards 0% Debt: ACTUAL PAID: $866.09
2) Sell 5-10 Items via FB sales site: 7 ITEMS SOLD - Made $18 in Alt income from FB sales
3) Work 60 hours of OT: ACTUAL WORKED: 60.26 Hours
4) Meal Plan each week: COMPLETED 3 OF THE 4 WEEKS WITH A PLAN (It’s a start)
5) Calculate what is needed to meet Professional Re-Certification
a. Make step by step plan: DONE
b. Start request for employer to pay for recertification: APPROVED, PENDING PAYMENT
c. Pay to join Local Chapter (not covered by employer) $30 fee annually: DONE
d. Sign up for 1st Chapter Event (Free with membership): DONE

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