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February Goals

February 1st, 2017 at 01:17 pm

1) OT Hours Goal: 54 hours in the month
2) Savings: $1046 (including House Savings, 529 and Kids Savings)
3) Debt repayment $100
4) Cashflow Rental Townhouse Mortgage Payment: $1009
5) Sell 5-10 Items on FB Sales Site
6) Meal Plan all 4 weeks
7) Limit lunches out to 4 days in the month
8) Do Alt Income tasks (Bing, mypoints and mycoke rewards)
9) Continue to track all personal & household spending (I don’t bother with DH’s personal spending – no need to know how much he spent on lunches, etc when its his fun money)
10) Keep within budget for Atlantic City Trip. Budget $200 for DH & I. We have a free room, are bringing drinks & food, have coupons for meals and are planning on only playing a few penny slots and enjoying time with our friends.
11) Professional Certification Tasks:
a. Attend Chapter Event
b. Complete 2-3 webinars
c. Sign up for recertification & start paperwork (once work pays)
12) RENTAL:Unless paid up by Day 11 after court date (where the renter agreed to all amounts owed and the judge said we have the right to evict), the PM company will fill Writ with courts for 24 eviction. That would be on Monday the 6th, so wish us luck
13) Set up tax appointment - I normally do our taxes, but with the rental, the rental income loss, etc, I am going to a professional for this year only
14) Start sale process on townhouse
15) Keep up calculations for utilizing OT to keep on track to max out 401k this year

1 Responses to “February Goals”

  1. Doing more than muddling Says:

    awesome goals!!

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