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Overtime & the 401k

June 23rd, 2015 at 06:30 pm

In addition to my promotion/pay increase in April, I increased my 401k Contributions to 14% last month. Since then, I have been playing with my 401k #s!

I love getting OT – it not only increases my net income, but it increases my 401k contributions and company match.

$3506.67 contributed YTD in 2015
$1753.36 Company Match YTD in 2015

$5260.03 TOTAL Contributions/Match YTD in 2015

Then I tracked how much just base pay would have me end the year with:

$8192.25 total added between today and EOY 2015 (my contribution and Company Match)

Bringing me to:
$13,452.28 Total Jan-Dec 2015 Contribution without any further OT

I decided to set an OT stretch goal to get my 401k contributions to increase my personal 401k contribution by another $800 in 2015. It’s not much as I will have no opportunity for OT during my maternity leave (estimated late Aug to late Nov) and will not likely have much/any in Nov/Dec.

With the goal of contributing another $800 in OT 401k contributions, that will translate into another $357 in Company Matching for OT contributions.

This will bring my stretch goal via OT to an additional $1190.44 for 2015!

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