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April 9th, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Just woke up and I'm feeling better. Thanks to everyone who wished me well. I'm not 100%, but I'm getting there. I've had migranes since I was a little kid. I have certain triggers, but then sometimes they come without warning.The problem is that even after all these years, my doctor and I are still trying to find the right medicine to stop it completely. I'm pretty sure that work stress caused my headache today tho.

On the upside, my roommates (who own the house we live in) have been gardening all day & have decided that grilling is the way to go for dinner. So we're having burgers, hotdogs, homemade mac-n-cheese and a cucumber & tomato salad. I don't want anyone thinking I'm a big moocher. They tend to feed me on the weekends...because, hey, whats one more mouth, but I pay them back in labor--cleaning the kitchen. Its usually a huge disgusting mess after any meal. They are both WONDERFUL cooks, but not the neatest people ever.

So while I'm laying on the couch, waiting for dinner, I decided to make my grocery list. Usually Sundays are my grocery day, but I'm obviously not up for going out today.

I work from 12 noon to 9pm, so I usually grab food at home for breakfast/lunch and pack a mid-day snack and a dinner for my 4pm lunch break. I'm trying to eat healthier and pack simple meals, so I'm planning my food for the week &
I'll do my shopping after work tomorrow. Its actually a REALLY good time to go, nobody's there.

Here's a sample of my upcoming meals:
BLT and 'baked' fried (cut up potato slices, heavily seasoned and baked), tuna sandwich, sloppy joe, hamburger, fish filet, pasta salad (loaded with veggies, less on the pasta)and regular salad. I also have oatmeal on almost a daily basis for my nightime snack. Its very filling.

I've seen a lot recently about setting more specific goals for ourselves and I just wanted to throw a few out there. This is by no means all of my goals, just a few immediate ones:

1. Spend NO money at work for food or drink or cups of ice (which my work just recently started charging 10 cents for...I'm stopping just short of the normal rant I have on THAT topic).
2. Eat at home (or pack) except for my lunch date with a friend on Thursday. The lunch is already budgeted at $7.00
3. Save all my change in my froggy bank (sorry, no pig) to be used for fun stuff when I go to the beach this summer.
4. Review my budget. I find that each time I look at it, I can scrimp a few extra dollars towards school.

For anyone thats interested, I'll have my tuition goal of $3,600 completed with my next paycheck. My next goal is to save up the $4000.00 tuition reimbursement money that I will need to pay back if/when I quit my job. Currently, I have that planned to be completed by August. I'd really like it a lot sooner.
For my house goals: I have $8174.31 of my own saved money and $8099.98 of money I inherited from my great-aunt.
There's another $2,500 coming when the estate is settled, but I consider that emergency fund money for when I do buy the house.

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