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coulda done better today

April 11th, 2006 at 03:09 am

Still had a bit of a headache, but headed to work anyway. Forgot my packed lunch, didnt have any cash on me, so I used my credit card to buy lunch instead. $7.50, but it'll just come out of the spending money I had for the next two weeks.

So tomorrow is another day. I took the day off to get some things done. Some are just chores & studying, but there are a few frugal things:

-Sort through dvds and video games to go to the resale shop
-Sort through my clothes for Goodwill
-Have dinner with my parents (free meal)
-Cancel my subscriptions for 3 free trials(signed up to get some gift cards)
-Review my budget and finalize my goals for school
-Buy shampoo from Rite Aid & submit for the Gift Certificate Rebate they have.

I did do my grocery shopping today: budgeted for $45.00, paid $37.00 and got everything on my list! Lots of sales. I did pick up an impulse purchase, but I put it back before getting to the checkout...YAY for me!

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