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April 14th, 2006 at 03:49 am

So, I've been driving around in a pididdle (a car with one headlight out) Who knows how long its been out. I'll pick up a new bulb tomorrow & I'll replace it myself (Dad taught me well).

Next week I am trying to be strictly on budget. I tend to leave myself wiggle room for food and drinks, which I end up using up almost every time. So next week, I plan on bringing my lunches/eating at home every day, except my weekly lunch date on Thursday. All I need is a little self-discipline.

2 Responses to “Pididdle!”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    You can do it! Keep on blogging to help your resolve! Don't forget to plan, plan, plan, so that nothing catches you off guard!

  2. lrjohnson Says:

    My area of weakness is eating out. I started trying to really watch it at the beginning of March, and it's become more of a habit to "eat in." One thing that works for me for lunch is making a big crockpot meal or pasta and sauce or whatever, and putting lots of individual servings in the freezer. (I use "cottage cheese tub tupperware.") Then no matter how little time I have in the morning I can usually at least just grab a tub. And I keep some canned food in my drawer at work just in case-a tin of sardines, a can of green beens, the like. Nothing fancy, but if I forget to bring luch, no excuses. Good luck, I'll be looking to see what works for you to steal ideas!

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