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being 5 years old again

April 15th, 2006 at 09:57 pm

I spent $10.00 on lunch for myself, my mom & my 5 year old nephew. After lunch, my nephew & I played outside. He had a bubble machine, so we had a bubbles war & the wind was so active, that waves of bubbles would float through the yard & we should chase after them. I felt 5 again myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to help my mom make dinner for the holiday & I'll help unpack some boxes in their basement. I'm giving my newphew $20.00 for Easter. He told me today that his mommy and mom-mom always take him to the movies & he wants to take them. Now he can! He's SO cute!

Then I'm coming home to make my meal plan for the week, do my homework and do my laundry. I'll probably try to sign up for some new trials through my points. I'm limiting my sign-ups, because if its too much at once, I'm afraid I'll forget to cancel one.

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